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By , November 19, 2017 1:10 am

Net about car Beijing Beijing car can not discuss? Beijing – 8 days, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission announced the detailed rules for the implementation of network about cars (Draft), which on the net about car drivers and vehicles have made provisions, clear non nationals as well as foreign driver license plate of the vehicle, shall not engage in the network about the car operation. In Beijing to apply for the "network booking taxi driver’s license," the driver, must meet the Beijing household registration; male at 60 years of age, women under the age of 55, physical health and other requirements. At the same time, the vehicle has also made Beijing license and wheelbase, displacement and other specific requirements. For this almost "harsh" of the draft, some media have called for the "before", the new regulations affect the largest network the largest platform company also issued a document about the car drops "talk", said the new deal will make many network drivers about unemployment, it will cause the vehicle number, the fare dropped sharply. Contrary to the essential requirement of the sharing economy. In this regard, the netizen is more distinct, some believe that this provision is in the field of household registration "employment discrimination", while local netizens firmly support the "Beijing Beijing car", think this will reduce a lot of network about car chaos. In fact, the network about the car, Beijing people Beijing car approach, the official position is: the establishment of household registration threshold for four reasons, one is to meet the positioning of the development of Beijing. The two is to manage "urban diseases", ease of non capital function requirements, and one of the main reasons for Beijing "urban diseases" is the rapid population growth disorder. Three is the need to manage traffic congestion. Four, according to the policy requirements, Beijing should develop an appropriate network about cars. At present, Beijing has developed a motor vehicle purchase, limit line measures, if the release of foreign car practitioners, the effect of these measures will play a counterproductive role. As a long-term living in the city, for many years in Yaohao eat melon masses, network about cars has become indispensible tools, through two years on the net about car experience, for the "Beijing Beijing car", I think there is a certain reasonable, after all, a large city for a population expansion, population control, vehicle saturation need is not possible in order not to let the foreign household net about car drivers unemployment release net about car drivers residence restrictions, believe that we will have such experience: hit the car in the subway drops, the fastest orders are often foreign drivers and vehicles. In the chat with the driver is also found, many foreign drivers are full-time driver drops in Beijing at the same time, some even for several net about car platform registered drivers, thus brings the income Can be overlooked. In the past, the main force of the subway car itself is to disrupt traffic order, once the liberalization of the household registration, license plate restrictions, so I believe there will be a large number of foreign drivers, vehicle registration network about cars in the Beijing subway near lying alive, then this effect seems to be more chaotic than before the "black car". At the same time, due to the difficult Beijing Yaohao policy, many local people have to choose a foreign license to Car Buying, which in itself is increasing the number of city vehicles, if the liberalization of foreign license plate restrictions, so the city to ease congestion work what are the benefits? For the company worried about the drops, Beijing Beijing car will make the vehicle dropped, the fare increase, the reform has also been raised)相关的主题文章:

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