Nerds and mixed societies are not the standard model of University mentalist

By , November 16, 2017 4:54 pm

The standard model of the original title bookworm and mixed society are not the standard mode of University: the author nerd and mixed society are not the University: when Huang Shuai first entered college, came to the "secret Award" of the college experience brother told me: University two years ago must study hard, don’t think of what to do more practice, don’t worry about money to maintain a certain distance with the society. The brothers are now famous young scholars. However, in the beginning of the University, there are also several planning business brothers to find me, to my face "mystery": the university is a transitional stage of society, to find internship opportunities, adapt to society as soon as possible, don’t be a bookworm! These predecessors really started up the business, but also became a local youth entrepreneurial star". In retrospect, the two kinds of warning are justified, although I had chosen the path of the former guidelines, but I have a good time for college students with outstanding results, always with respect and admiration. In the University, it is not easy to deal with the relationship between classroom learning and social practice. I have seen many students, eyebrows beard grabbed for a while in the library, the book, while in outside battles, both sides do not last. Moreover, different professions, different individuals and different levels of the school, so that the relationship between practice and classroom learning no standard model. First talk about professional problems. The basic and applied disciplines are very different from the training mode. As an example, Shandong Normal University College of liberal arts, in which both biased theory of Chinese language, but also biased practice of journalism. I read the Department of Chinese, four years of College internship opportunities are very scarce, most of the time used to read, class discussions, writing papers. This is because we think this professional requirement "". The third period, the school has to require students to practice, professional practice Chinese itself has no tendency, students clear occupation planning — or normal teaching direction, or press direction, or the civil service, secretarial direction is all kinds of. However, the practice of journalism students, career planning on the road is much clearer than we, they will go to the newspaper, website internship in freshman, sophomore. Some students of partial theory often have prejudice against practice: Although you practice more, you can read less! Although the extracurricular practice dispersed classroom learning experience, but different professional attribute determines the direction of development of students, application subject emphasis on practice theory of professional students no ground for blame, but if neglected classroom learning skills based on the society will lose the day after. Emphasis on classroom learning or extracurricular practice, but also depends on personal character, interest and other factors. Not everyone is suitable for the study of learning sitting in front of the desk, there are a lot of people are tired of practice. The level of the school and the city also affect the practice of students. Schools bring students internship opportunities are ordinary schools can not match, many ordinary school students suffer from lack of practice opportunities. The school will also affect the quality of city internship, internship opportunities concentrated in the big city, small city it is difficult for students to have an ideal opportunity to practice, unless the use of vacation or even skip to the big city housing practice. The application of professional practice on students learning Hao相关的主题文章:

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