National first! Guangdong has no surgery for heart surgery to the fetus (Figure)

By , November 15, 2017 5:13 pm

National first! Guangdong has no surgery for heart surgery to the fetus (Figure) a short 20 minute journey from the surgical ultrasound image positioning operation, the atmosphere is tense. The doctor is doing a rehabilitation test for ms.. Catheter and needle treatment in use as thin as hair. Original title: "great craftsman" reputation! To the heart of the heart of the heart of the operation of the first domestic fetal heart disease interventional therapy in the successful implementation of the ocean in the province of the mother of the baby in the stomach, a small heart only almond, can do "heart disease" treatment? It sounds fantastic, it happens! In September 22nd, the Guangdong General Hospital successfully carried out the first intrauterine fetal heart disease interventional therapy, 39 year old Ms. Xie within 28 weeks of congenital heart disease in children, close cooperation between Chinese and foreign experts team, "Tom" saved from the right ventricle, died of a disaster. There are 10 weeks, this "new" baby will be born. This "fetal intention", the world can perform no more than 10 hospitals in China, not only to fill the intrauterine fetal heart disease interventional therapy of blank, also marks the cardiovascular disease Institute of Guangdong General Hospital created a severe fetal congenital heart disease treatment new milepost. Puncture path: the pregnant belly to the uterine wall to the amniotic cavity to the fetal chest wall fetal heart right ventricle fetal heart and pulmonary valve in front of reporters Xie, the whole body exudes maternal glory, there are about 10 weeks, the baby will be born. After the operation, I have a full eight or nine pounds and baby!" Ms. Xie said, the provincial medical doctors Heart Institute said she was "the most brave mother", she thought, they gave her the most precious birthday gift, the first case of intrauterine fetal heart disease interventional therapy, it is in her 40 birthday two days ago to do. Now want to come, early know belly two Bao suffered from severe congenital heart disease, complex, family life just be frightened and change color, is more than 1 months ago. Storm after another: two child suffering from severe congenital heart disease in MS Xie is a college teacher. There is a two-year-old son. After the implementation of the two child policy, Ms. Xie began to look forward to adding a son. Although the test body of tubal blockage, in March this year, she was successful pregnant with a second child, the whole family are very happy. Unexpectedly, striking one snag after another 21 weeks pregnantcheck doctors found suffering from severe fetal complex congenital heart disease: right ventricular dysplasia, three tricuspid valve dysplasia, severe stenosis of pulmonary artery atresia to close! If the pregnancy continues, the baby may turn into a single ventricle, which is almost a sign of pregnancy termination, more than the doctor advised to give up". "I never had a moment of hesitation, never give up!" She was recommended to the provincial medical Heart Research Institute of luck. Never give up: pregnant mother Yong try new technology Ms. Xie came to the Provincial Cardiovascular Institute of medicine, pregnancy has been 26 weeks, a heart surgery, obstetrics expert consultation carried out quickly. Medical director, maternal fetal medicine department of Cardiology chief physician Pan Wei said that the inspection found that the culprit is the condition of fetal pulmonary valve atresia, blood flow into the pulmonary artery from the right ventricle, blocked the reflux erosion of right ventricle, resulting in ventricular hypertrophy, not development, also make three tricuspid valve dysplasia. It is more difficult to hold the sweat is to lift the valve atresia, at least 4 weeks after the development of the uterus in order to help the right ventricle long back, time is running out! Expert group is given treatment.相关的主题文章:

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