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By , April 19, 2018 3:03 am

The National Day holiday 7 days, Guizhou received 30 million 9 thousand tourists abroad – Beijing Beijing in October 7 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Yang Qian) reporter from the Guizhou Provincial Tourism Commission was informed that, as at 7, 19, "eleven" golden week 7 days, Guizhou province received a total of 30 million 9 thousand domestic and foreign tourists trips, an increase of 41.80%; realize the total tourism income of 19 billion 657 million yuan, an increase of 44.16%. Statistics show that the transport sector, as of October 7th, Guizhou province civil aviation flights 2651 sorties, inbound and outbound passengers 334 thousand and 300 passengers, railway import 1710 times, and 1 million 448 thousand and 800 passengers. High speed rail passenger transport 615 thousand and 700 passengers, highway passenger transport a total of 12 million 921 thousand and 600 passengers. "Eleven" during the golden week, Guizhou province has 49 scenic spots launched a total of 104 new projects, the main scenic spots of Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Fanjing mountains, Wan Fenglin, Chishui Province, the most favored by tourists. Tourists in Guizhou province to participate in a variety of folk activities, the traditional sightseeing tourism is experiencing, vacation tourism. Red tourism is the golden Monday highlights. In order to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March, the red tourist attractions in, the "Golden Week" of the "carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the red memory" theme of cultural tourism activities in Guizhou. "Four Chishui" red culture and experience of Chishui VR digital tourism experience of war project officially opened, long story reduction through virtual means, allowing visitors to experience the historical situation in depth personally on the scene; Dejiang County organized a "carry forward the spirit of the long march? Heritage red memory" million workers running activities; in Zunyi city to carry out "Ba Cun Zhen Gou Feng Xiang Long March running activities; Xishui county held a spring pole dance, Lusheng dance, Dou Jiao Hong Miao songs performance. During the golden week, the Zunyi meeting site, Loushanguan, the Red Army martyrs cemetery, Xifeng, site of the concentration camp of red tourism scenic spots (spots), visitors strong interest, the initiative to accept the baptism of red culture. "Eleven" during the golden week, Guizhou province highway traffic into 7 million 112 thousand and 900 vehicles, traffic to 7 million 261 thousand vehicles, according to the analysis of statistical data into the monitoring area, scenic area accounted for the total number of self driving tourists reception 82.21%. The influx of driving vehicles in Guizhou province from Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Guangxi and other neighboring provinces, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong and other southeast coastal provinces, and Nanjing, Hangzhou and other consumption ability of the eastern city of driving a vehicle in the major scenic spots in Guizhou. Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other vehicles also have increased significantly, reflect driving, self-help travel distance extends to the distance from the previous short start, Guizhou province tourism circle in expanding and increasing the radiation radius of car. Guizhou Provincial Tourism Committee staff, car camping, self driving camp, rock climbing, cycling and other mountain outdoor sports tourism new formats are welcome, personalized trend is more and more obvious self-help. In the face of the eleven Golden Week tourism situation rising state, Guizhou province will improve the tourism public service system, rich tourism products,相关的主题文章:

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