Nanjing nearly 3000 Suites this week listed developers thirst farewell

By , April 17, 2018 6:16 pm

Nanjing nearly 3000 Suites this week listed developers to bid farewell to the thirst disc Express News (reporter Ma Lele) from the cover plate of the Nanjing property market, developers finally resorted to exhaust all the skills of selling. October start of the second half of the Nanjing property market continued to rise in supply. This week a total of 11 projects released nearly 3000 sets of new homes, the property market supply and demand is rapidly moving steadily. In October 27th, the river west of Washington, Landsea Jiangbei City rongchuang Pegasus Park and Jiangning city Longhu Chunjiang 3 popular real estate listed on the same day. One of the real Southern Hexi to Landsea once launched 351 Suites Mount Washington, near the mountain rain Jiangbei SUNAC Pegasus Park breath sell 406 suites. In October 28th more lively, poly’s West Hall and poly poly month while opening, NanJing South Railway Station, green jade kylin Hui Silver billion Dongcheng, Jiangning Golden Bay also listed the new push ling. Yesterday, the Jiangning Binjiang railway Chinese original chanson with 356 suites on sale. Today, the Shanghai construction industry West and East Yue are the most expensive real estate in Silver City Junyi East will also be opened. Modern Express reporter found that the fight disc action in Nanjing real estate comprehensive law enforcement office after the supply of the Nanjing property market gradually increased, in addition to other areas outside the west, has been unable to open "daylight", the property inventory gradually increased. By yesterday evening, the Nanjing property market has been set up 25 thousand sets of new home inventory, the market supply and demand is rapidly moving towards stability.相关的主题文章:

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