Naked ride heroes three Jiayuan the spoof game game player name mmhouse

By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

Naked ride heroes three Jiayuan the spoof game name game player we first met a game, is from the beginning of the name of the game. The name of the game is the epitome of the game, every time the name of the game, these games in the brain. But there are some wrong or spoof game player game, reading is not only interesting, catchy, its popularity is even higher than the name of the game. The following is the author of your inventory for a wave, those years we call the wrong game name. Watch pioneer nickname: watch ass in the test stage watch pioneer, a foreign game player to Blizzard complaints too sexy Qiaotun empty hunting posture, her daughter often imitated, that is not good for the healthy development of the daughter body and mind, so that Blizzard delete this position. The news came out, triggering a hot online games, watch the ass this title has come. Dungeon Fighter Online Watch – Ass nickname: dropped the city with the weak swimming scholar, tainted milk, Dungeon Fighter Online game, game player is often called dropped the city with the weak swimming with disabilities. Just when the beta, the game player often has a brush map open plug, the official crackdown, resulting in a lot of game player "was dropped, and the reason from the copy, state variable weak, so it is called the game player dropped the city with the weak swimming with disabilities. The milk is the nickname abbreviation of DNF games (Dragon and Fighter) evolved. Over the past 8 years, can stand out in the competition and stand out, perhaps the game really toxic! Dropped the city with the weak swimming Champ vindictus – nickname: naked ride as a hero with a little dirty game, talented game player who by virtue of homophonic vindictus, give the play a full force nickname – naked ride heroes. Naked ride heroes World of Warcraft – World of Warcraft’s nickname: Wow English name "World of Warcraft", referred to as "WOW", the mountain pass is actually "WOW" pictographic Chinese characters. "W" looks very much like the Chinese "mountain" word, and the letter "O" and "mouth" word is very similar, so "WOW" was a spoof of the mountain pass. Catchy pronunciation and vivid image, so this nickname very popular in WOWer. Wow Diablo nickname: Diablo Diablo has many game player imperishable classic. The game English name is "Diablo", from Spanish, is the devil, the devil. But because reading and pineapple are very similar, but the term big pineapple are indeed too readily, then the devil king domineering into selling adorable tropical fruits, pineapple is also the nickname from the lips of game player. The big pineapple – Jian Wang three nickname: three, Jiayuan three Jian Wang three because of its aesthetic style and rich interesting scenarios, attracted many female game player. Girl, fag hag is also more natural, so many games in the US began to let the fag hag was paired with Simon, male metrosexual man. More to attract a lot of really gay, hence the name three. And many female players also attracted.相关的主题文章:

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