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By , April 15, 2018 12:29 pm

"My new clothes" Wang Likun Zhu Xiyue sealing makeup sisters — entertainment channel — "my new clothes" second upgrades war, post installed wonderful goddess. Among them, Wang Likun and China famous high set designer Zhu Xiyue Tracy Chu with the completion of the "Little Prince" of the show alone, with exquisite hand craft surprise, won applause. Wang Likun Zhu Xiyue and the two goddesses, first fit, users have been praised as "new high" makeup sisters: high value, high grade, Gao Moqi yan. Zhu Xiyue "the beginning of the heart to move them with ingenuity" Wang Likun was sealing "new high" makeup sisters "my new clothes" second partner Wang Likun high set designer Zhu Xiyue composed "makeup sisters", with a manual process based "Little Prince" of the show, stunning the audience, especially Zhu Xiyue’s ingenuity the spirit of "focus on craftsmanship heritage design feelings carry forward, make people full of touching. The success of the show show, inseparable from the height of the two goddess. Zhu Xiyue as a portrait of Wang Likun, private custom post style. Wang Likun is in the stage for the representative of the arts and crafts designers on behalf of the voice of Zhu Xiyue. Bestie love, two people in the Freemasonry dubbed "new three" combination of high value and high color understanding, high taste. "The little prince" series of workplace dress, not only let Wang Likun out capable, sexy, exquisite, humorous style, more poke in the field of buyers "pain points", triggering point like battle. Full of fashionable discerning buyer Xu Fengli praised "the little prince" theme, the details of the deal is in place. The first time Yu Lingyuan never shot was also given the highest price, to compete for the workplace fashion armor, but still beautiful socialite Mu Xiyan to 11 million 110 thousand yuan to the "art" over his clothes. It is worth mentioning that, in the second period of the record, "the little prince" series of apparel first starting the highest is 12 million, the transaction is expected in 15 million, "but because some buyers lack of money, the money is too high so re starting." Zhu Xiyue in the days before the broadcast revealed. For not completely fair deal, Zhu Xiyue himself also expressed understanding, the price is not the most important, we understand and recognition of advanced manual customization, is what I want to convey." "The little prince" signs, small fox Rose Embroidery beauty full modern clothing after the weapon "day dress" are the secret of "the little prince" series of clothing with Zhu Xiyue’s signature embroidery, handmade flowers, jewelry design is exquisite three-dimensional, full of valuable. The embroidering of roses, Fox and other elements, not only added a exotic color to the traditional handicraft, more with its exquisite but some restraint details, so that the overall style freely. In addition, Zhu Xiyue also released a "ADA" "day dream" "extraordinary" "flower" password "& MIDI" answer; and many other works are exquisite, delicate and elegant. Talking about fashion tips, the "modern clothing" also put forward their own new fashion advocate: day dress, evening dress and daily limit to break the costumes, will ever occur only in traditional dress and high clothing)相关的主题文章:

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