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By , April 16, 2018 10:19 pm

MX5: Although the Dongfeng demeanor later, Qinnengbuzhuo is Sohu automobile sale price: 103 thousand and 555 expected listing date: Guangzhou auto show car official index: 65 points hsupai the long-term concern driving you little master may know, driving hsupai work car is a MX6 on the Dongfeng demeanor, trolley, advantage is very clear dynamic loading capacity, smooth and prominent. But it is after all the change from old Nissan X-Trail platform for daily use, appearance and some configuration and nowadays aesthetic habits and car disjointed. So for want in the passenger area as Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng brand style and resorted to last year after the launch MX6 to the market, it is difficult to model a talent shows itself in the fierce SUV market competition, after all shuangquannandi four hands, and now the SUV battlefield Baotuan combat has product iteration speed, market the general trend of the case, and there was another SUV new car — MX5 Dongfeng demeanor brand two months before the release of the. As a style brand second products, there is not much opportunity to test the water in the product, before this time the test of MX5, it gives a strong curiosity: after the MX6 experience, MX5 has made new progress in what build links? First say the first feeling. Now the independent brand in the new design are emphasized in the original MX5, this wave of rhythm with is in place, because before MX6 listed follow the old X-Trail procurement system, so the adjustment and change the appearance of the interior parts of the room are not large, so far the concept of MX6, you can find many old trail the character, so is not an authentic works. But in the MX5, this problem will not exist, the design of the vehicle from Nissan’s chief designer Yamazaki just hand the design way music, Paladin, X-Trail classic models such as the master gives the MX5 the same partial hardcore masculine, the overall visual effect. So although MX5 said his city is SUV, but in the spirit and those smart lines and fashion city SUV is different, the grille area is very conspicuous, the side of the line is zhilaizhiwang, 2712mm wheelbase makes the MX5 look muscular weakened, but is more some slender. The tail of the taillights will naturally make you think of Lincoln MKC, but it does not seem to have a sense of cottage, earn a round back rate is at least properly. The appearance of the trend of change is nothing but the expression of a sell. Interior ergonomics and spatial rationality for MX5 potential customers is the key. The interior layout of the MX5 is not a strong personalized imprint, the overall orientation is friendly and easy to use, and the panel work and knob feel will not disappoint. The seat is very generous, but slightly less than the support package is good, we have always valued the rear flat on the floor, is a good news for the long-term need to take 5 buyers, the middle rear passengers not so wronged. Worthy of praise is the intention of MX5 to create space, I相关的主题文章:

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