Music Sets The Perfect Mood For Opening Newborn Baby Boy

By , July 23, 2018 3:03 pm

Self-Improvement The key to picking good songs for baby showers is to .e up with a clever way to relate songs to the theme or purpose of the celebration. For baby boy showers, you can choose both sweet songs or funny, witty songs. A beautiful song that is touching and heartwarming for any baby boy shower is Monicas "Angel of Mine." If you are going to theme your shower, "Its a Boy," and decorate the room with baby blue dcor, a great choice for a fun song would be Eiffel 65s "Blue." The lyrics for "Blue" describe a story about a boy whose whole world was blue. The song begins by saying, "Yo, listen up, heres a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world." Then, it describes all his surroundings, emphasizing that everything is blue. It goes on to describe his house and his car when the singer says, "Blue his house with the blue little window, and a blue corvette, and everything is blue for him." The color blue is very characteristic of boys, therefore, this song is perfect for an "Its a Boy" baby shower. Baby boys also generally wear a lot of blue, and there is a line in the song that says just that. "Blue is the color that I wear" is probably one of the best lines in the song. Another song that is perfect for a baby boy shower but is softer and sweeter is Monicas "Angel of Mine." The singer sings about this boy that changes her life and came to her right on time. The message of the song is perfect for a mother to dedicate to her son. The lovely words begin when Monica sings about the first time she saw this special boy. "When I first saw you I already knew there was something inside of you; Something I thought that I would never find, Angel of Mine." When a mother sees her baby boy for the first time, she falls in love with them. She automatically knows how special and precious they are. Some people never expect to ever feel this wonderful emotion, but through the miracle of life, they get to experience this amazing feeling. In the song, Monica explains how this special boy does not even know how much he has changed her life. She is grateful for this miracle, and says that the best things in life are free. My ultimate favorite part of the song is when she sings, "You came into my life, sent from above; When I lost the hope you showed me love; Im checkin for you, boy youre right on time, Angel of Mine." Monica sings about the miracle that was sent from above, which she never expected. Mothers get to experience this emotion when they have their babies. From sweet to humorous, songs for baby boys range in all types of styles, beats, and lyrics. Choose the ones that are best for you and that your think your guests will enjoy the most while mom is opening up all the beautiful newborn baby gifts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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