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By , April 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Much of the north of the next two days and the temperature low Jiangsu Zhejiang heavy rain original title: much of the north of Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other low temperature innovation Chinese rainstorm weather network news yesterday (6 days), a new cold air began to affect northern China, more apparent cooling and rain. It is expected that today and tomorrow, the cold air forces unabated, the north will be more than half the temperature of the second half to a new low, and accompanied by 4~6 wind. In the south, most of the southwest, the eastern part of the Yangtze River, the eastern part of the Yangtze River and more rainfall, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, some local heavy rain or heavy rain. In recent days, Harbin daytime temperature at 10 degrees Celsius cold obviously, tourists were wearing a thick coat. (source: Sina micro-blog) yesterday, a cold air began to affect the northwest, North China and other places, the temperature dropped significantly, and a wide range of precipitation. Monitoring shows that 14 o’clock yesterday, the eastern region of Northwest China, North China, Huang Huai and other places 5, 14 when the temperature is decreased by 1~4 DEG C, which fell in parts of the central west region of Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Northwestern Henan and other places to reach 6~8 degrees. In addition, 6, 5 to 7, 5, the eastern part of Northwest China, North China, northeast and other places in southern regions appear large rainfall, rain is not strong, small to moderate rain, but in some areas in northern Shaanxi, northern Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing appeared heavy rain. In the south, rainfall occurred mainly in the southwest, Hainan and East China area, the rain is not strong, basically is small to moderate. But in Hainan, there are still heavy rain. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, today tomorrow, northern rainfall decreased significantly, only the eastern part of Tibet, Hainan green, southwest, Southeast of the northwest region, Eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, Northeast China most have small to moderate rain. At the same time, cold air continues to affect the north, northeast, North China and other places will hit a record low in the second half. The capital city of Taiyuan, today (19 C), Beijing (17), Shijiazhuang (18 degrees), Tianjin (19 degrees) the temperature will be tomorrow, innovation is low; the highest temperature in Shenyang, Harbin, Changchun 7-10 C, also will be the lowest value in the second half to. Tomorrow morning, the minimum temperature in Changchun will fall below 0 C for the first time. Under the pressure of frequent cold air and rainfall, the next three days, the temperature in the north will be low, significantly lower than the same period of the year. At the same time, the north wind blowing 4~6 level will, under the effect of cold, cold feeling increasingly significant. At present, our country is in autumn. Affected by the cold air, the Northeast will expand the scope of winter. This round of cold air will make the northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia area in winter, the capital city of Harbin, Hohhot and Changchun are likely to enter the ranks of the winter. At the same time, the pace of the fall will continue to move forward to the south. The precipitation distribution in the south, the north, the cold air diffusion today tomorrow, southwest, southern, Eastern JAC and other places have small to moderate rain. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, today, central Jiangsu, Eastern Anhui, southeastern Zhejiang, northern and southeastern Fujian, Eastern Guangdong, Taiwan, and other places with heavy rain or rainstorm, Zhejiang Donke相关的主题文章:

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