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Martial-Arts Thailand has always been a lucrative travel destination for wanderers across the globe. Rich in scenic beauty and cultural heritage, Thailand has to offer a wide array of excitement and adventure that would make you all the more allured to the land. Embedded in the heart of the country, are the beautiful locale of Patong, Karon and Kata beach just add to the country’s pride. In Thailand, you get the real taste of adventure. Elephant riding, sea kayaking and scuba diving activities make you tour a splendid pleasure and simply wrap you in a feeling of joy. However if you are in Thailand, your tour is never .plete if you don’t take a glimpse of Muay Thai training schools. Muay Thai, popularly known as kickboxing happens to be popular sport of the city. It is a form of martial art very much similar to Indonesian kickboxing practices. Origin of the sport If we dig deeper, kickboxing is a martial art that dates almost two thousand years back and had its origin in China. This was a popular method resorted to by Siamese soldiers in battlefields. Today, Kickboxing the national sport of Thailand and is a latent part of the culture. The word Muay has its origin in Sanskrit Mavya and the word Thai refers to Tai which means eight Muay Thai is an art of eight limbs. The sport is practiced by making use of eight points of contact viz. punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes. Though Muay Thai originated as a form of warfare, it gradually morphed into a popular sport where the opponents fought in front of a huge number of spectators. Later, this sport became a must have for local festivals and celebrations to the much delight of kings and feudal lords. Muay Thai Training schools in Phuket Muay Thai is an integral part of Thailand, especially Phuket. A number of training schools in an around Phuket region specialize in providing kickboxing training. Normally, Muay Thai training is divided into two groups; Mae Mai and the Luk Mai. Mae Mai includes the major technicalities whereas Luk Mai concentrates on minor details. Muay Thai is a physically as well as mentally challenging game. The trainers at Muay Thai training schools in Phuket make an analysis of your weaknesses and train you to work on the weaknesses and also improve upon your strengths. This includes following rigorous exercises like hitting on bags, doing push ups, sit ups, clinching on daily basis. The trainers of Muay Thai training schools are sometimes harsh on the students which are only to help the students the right frame of mind to prepare them for this dangerous sport. Muay Thai is a popular culture of Thailand. A Muay Thai professional strictly has to abide by the rituals as well as superstitions associated with the game. Schools for Muay Thai training in Phuket promise to groom every students and helps them emerge out a promising professionals for tomorrow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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