Mr. No O likes to bow down to the private domain should be limited to the private domain-queer as folk

By , April 15, 2018 12:20 pm

Mr. No O likes to bow down to the private domain should be limited to the private domain of Hubei writer Mr. No O accepted a bow Shoutu, this two days to become news; No O also designed the requirements to explain why the apprentice line bow of the ceremony, let this more difficult to break. I carefully read the articles of wild, righteous, there are also good, not what he calls "rotten article". But the writing is good, does not mean that justice is impeccable, the view is still questionable. Mr. No O wrote: "I also want to go on, life experiences and lessons, views and ideas, technology and skill, generations passing the torch. A little knowledge of my knees, you have to kneel on the ground. Not for anything else, is to respect the predecessors and martyrs." Some knowledge and truth of life, there is also private necessity but have to kneel kneeling by transfer can not be justified, but. Confucius lectures when we sat on the floor, is actually two kneeling knee, above the buttocks sitting on the heels, not later on? But the Tang and Song Dynasties, tall tables and chairs were introduced into the Central Plains, on the grounds of a hanging foot while sitting down, imparting knowledge and learning to "kneel to kneel", the so-called "on the ancient predecessors and martyrs of the respect", also do not need to use the heritage of the kneeling. Of course, I understand Mr. wild kneeling to a ceremony, the so-called "private schools, private deals, a ritual, ceremony, is a good custom". But the world is never the same. Bow is a ritual, but is not necessarily a good custom. The pre Qin and Qin and Han Dynasties, people sat on the floor of the reception guests, greeting or whether acknowledgements, itself is kneeling; just to show respect, often will naturally straighten the upper body, namely "lead the body", make the buttocks off the heels, and leaning over and under, then "kneeling" turned "bow", in the course of time became a "courtesy". In the absence of furniture era, bow is equality between the etiquette is based on the interaction of the ceremony, it later evolved into his life, and the ritual ceremony on. But when the recipient holds the chair or the supreme throne, bow again is not what good morals, and transformed into a cultural symbol of identity, class rank relations. Then, the increasingly strict feudal hierarchy, bow gradually institutionalized and complex; when the Qing Dynasty, despotism reached the extreme worship custom was to multiply the people. Therefore, the establishment of the Republic of China at the beginning of the provisional government of Nanjing issued a statement to the reform of customs, civil rights, the abolition of worship. Then, the Beiyang government promulgated more Etiquette: bow man etiquette gift hat, three bows, Derby bow, relatively unusual, only his hat; the woman is a special hat, bow. Of course, these Provisions are the main line between officials, between the government and the people, to the people in private places is still from the old rite, without government interference, no interference, which naturally includes the wild said "private schools, private occasions. However, the private ceremony, after all, is only in the private domain and in the private domain, open communication and even answer the world is not appropriate. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for public opinion to let go of Zhao Benshan, Guo Degang and other similar behavior, but also the public opinion to the fundamental reason for Mr. No O can not get through..相关的主题文章:

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