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By , April 18, 2018 11:54 pm

Movement of the king of the 6 series of modified TWS WS10 hub – Sohu car in the camp of BMW, the Department of the 6 is relative to the unfamiliar. Not for other, single enough from its one million starting price to prove its extraordinary, for people who really like BMW, with a 6 absolute makes you to satisfy. It has a sports car also has good control of luxury car ride administrative sense, a large body of driving it without difficulty, plenty of power that if you stay in the car. The BMW 6 series TWS WS10 20 inch wheels with excellent design, the 6 line is also known as the most beautiful BMW models, the aerodynamic design inheritance track have the better driving performance in the fierce. Even so, many owners will choose to buy it after modification, in order to seek differentiation, select a good hub is a very simple choice. The side of the body is perfect today to bring to the editor is a lightweight forging hub – TWS WS10. TWS WS10 forged wheels with straight ten spoke design, a strong sense of movement. Process for the double piece forging, the size of the front loading of 20 inches. TWS is a famous Japanese manufacturer TAN-EI-SYA’s forged wheel wheel brands, TAN-EI-SYA has one of the world’s highest level of hub forging manufacturing factory, TWS products all adopt the forging process, to ensure the quality of products and lightweight. The forging technology hub details show TWS is the biggest characteristic of its own and new material, can make more changes in the design of the hub, and the use of extreme thin lightweight design to achieve the best. In addition, the artistic design is also a major highlight of the TWS hub. The hub body display as a large coupe, equipped with a set of high-quality lightweight hub can not only reduce weight, improve handling, and the appearance of color value is immediate. Good sprinters need a good pair of shoes can play the best level, a good sports car also need strong support hub. More information can be concerned about changing the network WeChat public account gtuucom相关的主题文章:

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