More and more sao! The sword God domain vanity now refers to butter

By , November 15, 2017 4:56 pm

More and more SAO! Sword God domain: vanity now refers to the end of the month, like butter on the sale of the PS4 game "sword God domain: vanity now" sales are very good, there are already a lot of people are playing on the. Japanese game always love to send some benefits, it is reported that "sword God domain" in Japanese junior high school and high school groups are more popular, and the welfare of the scene may make these little friends in full field force. Recently, Japanese netizens pointed out that this game is like angel game screenshots. "Dressed like this is what you want to be with?" Although this sentence does not apply in real life, but when the long period of love and love action film pollution of the house to see the game in the sister dressed like that, it will naturally produce this idea. A lot of days in the house to play the "sword of God domain: vanity is now" to see the role of women dressed as the appearance, it will automatically close the doors and windows, out of paper towels…… "Sword God domain: vanity now" also added to accompany the sleeping system, when the role of the degree of appreciation to a certain extent, you can use the princess to hug her sister threw into the bed, and then a number of events". Although the system has been playing bad players, with a black uncle on the bed, but most of the house will choose a cute sister. Of course, the game does not make too much what move, but it is enough to make people fall into a reverie. Needing lie together, a defenseless woman looks like, then behoove will happen "I see" do it yourself "I’ll touch the legs do not move" I am outside friction in……" On the house for this bachibuzhu game have said: "this is what all don’t wear strange ability." "If" SAO "out of butter I would buy." "Will add can with DLC?" "Plus the H scene, become the limit level on the PC platform." "Indeed as expected" SAO "also depend on this kind of means can sell?" "No more butter." "Lu." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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