Millet note 2 ran out of the furnace top Android 65980 points – Sohu digital-p8400

By , April 16, 2018 10:25 pm

Millet Note 2 run into Android’s top 65980 furnace – Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] this time millet millet MIX Note 2 was to grab the limelight, was also full of black technology flagship should become cannon fodder, it is beyond all expectations. However, to say the real point, or recommend you pay more attention to millet Note 2, after all, millet MIX grab the head may not grab grab. Millet mobile phone has always been run sub overlord, do not talk about millet Note 2 running points always feel a little missing. However, the bunny did not sell, but Master Lu to run in the sun. Lu master test results show that millet Note 2 score of 65980 points. The bunny and Master Lu have the standard for evaluation of a set, naturally not frequently hundreds of thousands of ANN Bunny scores of millet Note 2 Master Lu run towards the. Master Lu said, millet Note 2 equipped with the highest level of core flagship Xiaolong Xiaolong 821, and with 4GB of memory to start, 1080P resolution, and 22 million 560 thousand cameras, Master Lu run into 65980, is Android’s top run level.相关的主题文章:

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