Men set up an organization vow to eliminate charge for corpses within 3 years.-sweets parade

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Men at their own expense within 3 years of the establishment of the organization a pledge to eliminate "relying on dead asking Cao Chunyu and rescue team – interview person Cao spring, born in 1965, Anhui Fuyang, Fuyang blue rescue team captain, the name" old Aberdeen blue sky". In 2010, Anhui founded the first branch of civil emergency rescue team in the past seven years, lead free volunteers to salvage the bodies out of nearly a thousand. In an interview with the background of mid August, China Daily reported in Jiaxian, a peasant woman was unfortunately due to heavy rains into the Yellow River, villagers in Shanxi Yonghe County 200 kilometers to salvage her body, ask for 100 thousand yuan news. After seeing the relevant reports, Cao Chunyu, captain of Anhui Fuyang blue sky rescue team, wrote in her WeChat friend circle: "Anhui blue sky old man" and the national public welfare salvage people say no to the "killing corpse asking price". Last night, in an interview with the Chinese newspaper reporter, Cao Chunyu repeated the goal set by the rescue team early this year: three years to eliminate the issue of asking prices for corpses in the country. "With the dead asking him to set free the salvage organization angry China Daily: domestic two times" with the corpse asking price "(October 2009 2016, Hubei Jingzhou Shaanxi Jiaxian) are the first reports, China Daily, you are not from the Chinese customs note of the relevant information? Cao Chunyu: This is not pay attention to online reports, a lot, but I know that just happened "with the dead asking" occurred in the border area of Shanxi shaanxi. Chinese business newspaper: you set up a free salvage organization, what is the purpose? Cao Chunyu: there is no earthshaking idea, nor what you think is great, just want to do something good, to help the drowning family’s warmth and help. The issue of "asking for the price of the corpse" in 2009 was a great shock to me. I think their loved ones after the drowning, families are helpless and helpless, not to help him nothing, but now, relying on dead price, too, is a moral inhumanity. It prompted me to create the idea of a free salvage organization. Chinese business newspaper: how many people are there at the beginning of the organization? Cao Chunyu: at first it was not an organization, only a few working people. It consists of me, my wife, two sons and a few other relatives, with a total of 7 people. After several years of development, there are hundreds of people in the team. Hua Shang: what are the touching stories of the rescue team in the past seven years? What are the dangers? Cao Chunyu: there is no moving story, but tears are tears. The scene of the accident, and that kind of piercing the kind of painful bereavement scene, let you feel nothing except tears. To move, the rescue process, the masses of our understanding and support in dribs and drabs, let every heart remember when the rescue team rescue team of the masses to instant noodles, we pour boiling water; when the rescue vehicle refueling, let us first and the masses; from land to water push the ship, the masses to help us push; emergency rescue team task fight, brother sister don’t accept our money…… These help and support have also stimulated and determined the confidence and determination of our free rescue. Every rescue is hidden in danger, and death may pass you at any time. Deep water can not see what, by touch, go astray, the rescue team will be difficult to return to the surface. All the rescuers have met this kind of thing, the danger let us pay more attention to the transformation of technology, pay attention to the improvement of their own physical ability. When the first salvage was not successfully worn, a Chinese businessman was hit by a incisor: why is the net name called "blue sky old boy"? Cao Chunyu: (laughs), my grandson Lucas, my nature is "old boy". Chinese business newspaper: is the first rescue smooth? Cao Chunyu: it’s not going well. When I first started fishing, I didn’t use diving equipment to learn the way of TV and put on my headgear, but I found that I couldn’t breathe and pulled hard. I lost a front tooth and didn’t make up for it now. So you call me "the leader of open tooth". In addition, because of the lack of experience, the equipment is not good, the first time to salvage a day’s time has not found the remains of the victims. It is not a taste for me to look at the grief of the family. That night, I think about where the problem is, and ultimately it is a problem of equipment. The second day I took the equipment of the night processing, and after two searches, I found the victims. Since then, I have learned through various opportunities, and the fire brigade and the diver are the subjects of the study. Not only that, but also at his own expense to learn professional skills in Japan, the rescue team’s technology, equipment more and more excellent, after the salvage basically did not lose. Chinese business newspaper: in the process of rescue, is there any displeasure or even a dispute between the family and the family? Cao Chunyu: never. Because it’s free, the family is very supportive of our work. Many times, the rescue team to salvage the bodies of the victims, the families of both knees and bowed thanks. Some can’t stop it. 7 years into the about 1000000 team to reject the pure donation China Daily: the rescue team was established nearly seven years, you have invested? These inputs have been your previously accumulated wealth (as a construction laborer, the young Cao Chunyu had sold a lobster, a motorcycle repair…… Later in Fuyang, the local battery car factory, the accumulation of a certain wealth)? Do you accept social donations? Cao Chunyu: no statistics, about about 1000000. Up to now, the rescue team has completed nearly 2000 large and small tasks, and nearly 1000 bodies have been killed. For every rescue, it costs hundreds or thousands more. Eat to spend money, fuel to spend money, equipment have loss, these all need money. China business newspaper: "national blue sky" rescue volunteer organization has four words: less to do more, silent dedication, improve themselves and treat others well. "Fuyang blue sky" before adding two sentences, "away from fame and profit, refusing to donate." For nearly seven years, "Fuyang blue sky" has not accepted a single penny from the society and the government. Why? Where does the rescue team come from? Cao Chunyu: once the public organizations receive social donations, they will not be able to fight in the long run and do not accept donations, in order to ensure the team’s "clean and pure". "Fuyang blue sky" is the purpose of clean, Tanzania, having nothing to do public service, away from fame and money. We usually control the costs relatively tight, eat a little bit, equipment to do a part of it, saving a lot of money. The rest of the cost is out of my own. Chinese business newspaper: does the "Fuyang blue sky" rescue organization really do not accept any cost? There is no family guilty, determined to send something or pay? How to ensure the normal operation of the rescue organization in the future? Cao Chunyu: there is no charge. You can check it at any time in the 150 kilometer radius of Fuyang. We have our own principles. We do not smoke a party, eat a meal without a party, drink a bottle of water from the party, and don’t take a penny of the party. It is the strict implementation of the principle of free of charge. In 2012, we realized the desire to eliminate the asking price for corpses in Fuyang. China Daily: some places in order to avoid bad luck, will receive civil salvage symbolic red stuff, Fuyang rescue team had no such attention? Cao Chunyu: there’s never been such a fastidious thing. The victims also have dignity, and what can be avoided? Not long ago, my son had salvaged a body of the victims, and there was no tools. He took the body up and put it on the ground, nothing. I personally think that the so-called red cloth, avoid receiving bad luck, reason and excuse to Zhanxiaopianyi people to find their own. Some people who have been attacked and threatened by the scuba diving industry: some people say you are the backbone of China’s free body. How do you think of this evaluation? Cao Chunyu: it’s too big. I just did a little thing. In the course of the rescue in recent years, we have actually accumulated some experience and have innovated some equipment, but that is all. Chinese business newspaper: what is your motto? Cao Chunyu: I don’t have a motto, but I wrote to join the public oath: "life is a game, I am willing to death, although the old people dizzy, but who had seen me in the disaster a step back"! China Daily: Fuyang free aid organization, some people have to borrow fishing corpse profit, the establishment of rescue organizations will undoubtedly affect their fortunes, there is no intimidation, retaliation? Cao Chunyu: the rescue has the input, the reasonable charge is understandable. For example, fishing a corpse for thousands of dollars is not enough. But not on wild speculations, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, this behavior should be condemned by society. On the Internet the other day, I put forward three years’ elimination of the phenomenon of corpse asking price in China the other day, and I was attacked and threatened by some parts of the domestic diving industry. But this will not affect my determination to salvage for free. Chinese business newspaper: what do you mean by eliminating the charge of carrying a corpse in three years? The National Alliance, or what? Some people doubt that you are too optimistic. What do you think? Cao Chunyu: in order to end the abnormal phenomenon of killing the corpse, which is criticized for the society, I want to offer the experience, ideas, equipment and technology of rescue to the national public welfare organizations and firefighting organizations, and eliminate the phenomenon of killing corpses in the whole country. Starting in 2017, I will start a national tour, opening ideas, sending experience, sending technology, and sending equipment. I have confidence in the three year time limit. Chinese business newspaper: do you have any contact with the rescue organization in Shaanxi? When will we come to Shaanxi to declare, to send experience and to send equipment? Cao Chunyu: has been with the rescue organization in Shaanxi. The year before, last year, I went to Shaanxi to exchange study. Not long ago, there was contact with the relevant parties in Hanzhoung. Recently, we are going to send the old boy hook to Hanzhoung fire brigade, hoping to help Hanzhoung’s rescue work. Chen Youmou, a reporter of the Chinese business newspaper

男子自费百万成立组织 誓言3年内消除“挟尸要价”曹春雨与救援队■专访人物曹春雨,1965年生,安徽阜阳人,阜阳蓝天救援队队长,网名“蓝天老仔”。2010年,创立安徽首支民间紧急救援队,近七年来,带领志愿者免费打捞尸体近千具。■专访背景8月中旬,华商报率先报道佳县一农妇因暴雨不幸被冲入黄河,200公里外的山西永和县村民打捞到了她的尸体,索要10万元的消息。看到相关报道后,安徽阜阳蓝天救援队队长曹春雨(网名“蓝天老仔”)在自己的微信朋友圈中写道:安徽“蓝天老仔”及全国公益打捞人士对“挟尸要价”说不。昨晚,接受华商报记者专访时,曹春雨重复了救援队今年年初设立的目标:三年内在全国消除挟尸要价现象。“挟尸要价”让他气愤 成立免费打捞组织华商报:国内两次“挟尸要价”(2009年10月湖北荆州、2016年陕西佳县)报道,都是华商报首发,你是不是从华商报关注了相关信息?曹春雨:这个倒没留意,网上的报道很多,但我知道刚刚发生的“挟尸要价”发生在山陕交界地带。华商报:你成立免费的捞尸救援组织,目的是什么?曹春雨:没有什么惊天动地的想法,也不是你所想的那么伟大,只是想做一点好事,给溺水者家属一点温暖和帮助。2009年“挟尸要价”事件对我震撼很大。我想,亲人溺水后,家属是多么的无助和无奈,不帮他也就罢了,反而趁火打劫,挟尸要价,太不道义、太没人性了。这件事促使我产生成立免费打捞组织的念头。华商报:组织最初有几人?曹春雨:最初算不上组织,只能称有几个干活的人。包括我、妻子、两个儿子和其他几位亲戚组成,共7人。经过几年发展,现在队伍有上百人。华商报:救援队成立近七年来,有哪些感人的故事?经历过哪些危险?曹春雨:没有感人的故事,除了眼泪就是眼泪。事故现场那种撕心裂肺、那种惨痛、那种痛失亲人的场面,让你除了掉泪,没有别的感受。要说感动,救援过程中,群众对我们的理解与支持体现在点点滴滴之上,让每一位救援队员铭记在心——救援队员泡方便面的时候,群众给我们倒开水;救援车加油的时候,群众让我们先加;从陆地上往水里推船的时候,群众帮我们推;救援队员遇到紧急任务打的时,的哥的姐不收我们的钱……这些帮助与支持,也都更加激发和坚定了我们免费救援的信心和决心。每一场救援都暗藏危险,死神随时可能与你擦肩而过。深水下什么也看不见,全靠摸,稍有差池,救援队员可能就难以返回水面。所有救援队员都遇过这样的事情,危险让我们更加重视技术的改造,注重自身体能的提升。首次打捞并不顺利 穿装备时碰掉一颗门牙华商报:网名为什么叫“蓝天老仔”?曹春雨:(笑),我的孙子叫仔仔,我自然是“老仔”了。华商报:第一次救援顺利吗?曹春雨:并不顺利。首次下水捞人时,我不太会用潜水装备,学着电视上的样子戴上头套,却发现喘不过气来,硬扯下来,结果碰掉了一颗门牙,到现在都没有补,所以大家又叫我“豁牙队长”。此外,由于缺乏经验,装备也不行,第一次打捞花了一天的时间也没有找到遇难者遗体。看着家属悲痛的神情,我很不是滋味。当晚,就琢磨问题出在哪里,最终确定是装备问题。第二天我带着连夜加工的装备,经过两遍搜索就发现了遇难者。此后,我通过各种机会进行学习,消防队、潜水员都是学习的对象。不仅如此,还自费去日本学习专业技能,救援队的技术、装备越来越过硬,以后的打捞基本没有失手过。华商报:救援过程中,有没有和家属发生不快甚至纠纷,以至惹上官司?曹春雨:从来没有。因为是免费,家属对我们的工作都很支持。好多次,救援队员打捞上遇难者尸体后,家属都跪地磕头以示感谢。有的怎么拦都拦不住。7年投入100多万 为保队伍纯洁拒收捐赠华商报:救援队成立近七年来,你总共投入了多少?这些投入一直是你先前积攒的财富(曹春雨年轻时当过建筑小工,卖过龙虾,修过摩托车……后来在阜阳当地开了家电瓶车厂,积累了一定财富)吗?有没有接受社会捐助?曹春雨:具体没统计过,大概有100多万吧。截至目前,救援队共完成大小任务近2000起,打捞遇难者尸体近1000具。每起救援,花费少则几百,多则上千。吃饭要花钱,加油要花钱,装备有损耗,这些都需要钱。华商报:“全国蓝天”救援志愿组织有四句话:少说多做,默默奉献,完善自己,善待他人。“阜阳蓝天”在这之前又加了两句“远离名利,拒绝捐款”。成立近七年来,“阜阳蓝天”没有接受过社会和政府一分钱捐赠,为什么?救援队的资金从何而来?曹春雨:公益组织一旦接受社会捐助,和利益挂钩,就没有战斗力,就很难走长远,不接受捐赠,是为了保证队伍的“干净、纯洁”。“阜阳蓝天”的宗旨是干干净净,坦坦荡荡,清清白白做公益,远离名利和捐款。我们平时对费用控制得比较紧,吃饭差一点,装备自己做一部分,节约了不少钱。剩下一部分费用由我自己出。华商报:“阜阳蓝天”救援组织真的任何费用也不收吗?有没有家属过意不去,执意要送东西或付费?如何在物质上保证救援组织今后的正常运行?曹春雨:的确不收任何费用,你可以在阜阳方圆150公里范围内随时查证。我们有自己的原则,不吸当事人一根烟,不吃当事人一顿饭,不喝当事人一瓶水,不拿当事人一分钱。正是严格落实免费原则,2012年,我们实现了在阜阳消除挟尸要价现象的愿望。华商报:有的地方为了避晦气,民间打捞者会象征性收取红布之类的东西,阜阳救援队有没有这样的讲究?曹春雨:从来没有这样的讲究。遇难者也有尊严,救人有什么可避晦气的呢?不久前,我儿子打捞起一具遇难者遗体,当时没有工具,他直接将遗体抱起来放在地上,没有什么。我个人认为收红布之类的所谓避晦气,是想占小便宜的人给自己找的理由和借口。曾遭到潜水行业部分人员人身攻击和威胁华商报:有人称你是中国免费捞尸界的脊梁,你怎么看这个评价?曹春雨:太大了,我只是做了一点小事而已。在近几年的救援过程中,我们确实积累了一些经验,创新了一些装备,但仅此而已。华商报:你的座右铭是什么?曹春雨:我没有座右铭,但我给自己写下了投身公益的誓言:“人生为棋,我愿为卒,虽人老眼花,但谁曾见我在灾难前后退一步”!华商报:阜阳免费救援组织成立前,有些人曾借捞尸谋利,救援组织的成立无疑影响了他们的财路,有没有遭到恐吓、报复?曹春雨:救援有投入,合理收费是可以理解的。比如打捞一具尸体收几千块钱,无可厚非。但不能漫天要价,动辄几万甚至数十万,这种行为应该受到社会的谴责。前几天我在网上提出三年在中国消除挟尸要价现象后,遭到国内潜水行业部分人员的人身攻击和威胁,但这不会影响我免费打捞的决心。华商报:三年消除挟尸要价是什么意思?全国建联盟,还是什么打算?有人对此提出怀疑,认为你过于乐观,你怎么看?曹春雨:为了结束挟尸要价这个为社会诟病的不正常现象,我想把救援的经验、理念、装备、技术无偿提供给全国的公益组织、消防组织,在全国范围内消除挟尸要价现象。2017年开始,我将开始全国之行,开启送理念、送经验、送技术、送装备之旅,我对三年这个时限有信心。华商报:平时和陕西的救援组织有联系吗?什么时候来陕西宣讲、送经验、送设备?曹春雨:一直和陕西的救援组织有来往。前年、去年曾赴陕西交流学习。前不久和汉中有关方面有接洽,近期准备将我们发明的“老仔钩”送给汉中消防支队,希望对汉中的救援工作有所帮助。 华商报记者 陈有谋相关的主题文章:

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