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"Gansu Province medical institutions drug procurement platform sunshine opened in November 1st – Gansu channel — original title:" Gansu Province medical institutions drug procurement platform sunshine opened in November 1st to meet the procurement needs of drug classification, in October 22nd, the Provincial Health Bureau of Gansu province public resources trading, Family Planning Commission issued a document, decided in November 1st officially launched "enabled Gansu provincial medical institutions drug procurement platform sunshine". Gansu Provincial Health Bureau, the Provincial Public Resource Planning Commission requirements, drug procurement platform sunshine can satisfy the medical institutions as the main body of the online auction and bargaining online sunshine purchase demand, from procurement planning, procurement catalogue summary, online bidding negotiation, contract signing, procurement and distribution, the performance of the contract, so the whole process of settlement and payment Sunshine Electronic procurement. Medical institutions can be registered through the Gansu pharmaceutical and medical supplies centralized procurement network, drug sunshine purchase section, but also through the Gansu public resources trading network, drug sunshine purchase column login. Medical institutions use the login user name and the initial password, the enterprise also uses the original user name and Ukey login. After the first login, please modify the initial password, and maintain and improve the user’s basic information and contact information. The first batch of drugs into the net purchase platform hanging net trading rules: 2016 Gansu provincial public hospitals in the purchase of medicines and medicines in the sun in 2014, the basic drug varieties commonly used low-cost drugs. Since November 1, 2016, medical institutions must use drug procurement platform sunshine drug procurement sunshine to achieve, through the online auction to complete supplier selection bargaining price determined by the sun, the platform to complete the online purchasing and distribution, to achieve full electronic trading net drugs. Another hearing (chief reporter Jin Fengqian) October 22nd, reporters from the Lanzhou Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, the Bureau of Inspection Bureau from May to October this year, the jurisdiction of the Lanzhou taibaopharmacy limited 8 preparation production enterprises to carry out a period of 6 months of quality and safety special rectification. Reporters learned that the special rectification requirements of the relevant enterprises in accordance with the requirements of GMP, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the raw materials management, production management, quality control management, system management, file management, Chinese herbal medicine special drug management and so on, dig the quality of production safety hazards, investigation of drug production quality risk factors, take effective risk prevention and control measures, supervise in the enterprise centralized workplace of external publicity of enterprise risk control risk list, clear content, corrective measures, responsibility, rectification time and standard requirements, implement the main responsibility for enterprise risk prevention and control. At the same time, the organization staff of provincial drug GMP inspectors and the daily supervision, according to the characteristics of each enterprise, combining with the daily supervision of the problem, formulate the on-site inspection plans, using flight test mode to carry out special rectification. Each company arrange special inspection time not less than 3 days, each link by inspection, risk investigation, by the rectification of the problem, a comprehensive investigation into drug production safety risks. On the discovery of security risks and illegal acts, promptly investigated and put in place, timely supervision and rectification in place. Up to now, check the preparation of 7 production enterprises, supervision sampling of 12 batches, combing found相关的主题文章:

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