Media the RMB exchange rate is nearly 7, the central mother how not to sell jiqingwuyuetian

By , November 15, 2017 5:13 pm

Media: the RMB exchange rate is nearly 7, the central mother how not to sell? Original title: [solution] the RMB exchange rate is nearly 7, the central mother how not to sell? I recently have not used "low" to describe the RMB exchange rate against the dollar decline. Tea Ma Jun himself doesn’t study is not the sea Amoy, not to buy QDII stocks fried, nor around a few busy every day to hedge foreign exchange loss of foreign trade was solidly nouveau riche, but was shocked by the trend of the rmb. From the view of RMB exchange rate movements, nearly two months of relentless even break three mark integer, and the time is shorter, 6.6 fell to 6.7 in 3 months, fell to 6.8 in a month, from the "double eleven" first break 6.8 to fall 6.9 in just not today half a month! This is certainly not the hand chop party cause, but because of a series of perplexing factors superposition. As the international situation is ups and downs, now also could not guess the results, but today Ma Jun tea together with you to see if the U.S. government and the central bank Chinese play a leading role, G10 and emerging economies with onlookers at the end of drama, but can be stripped out some trends. If you are a black swan Trump Tucao White House Trump, Ma Jun can only say good tea forward Mody, even to him publicly against the Silicon Valley elite also has the idea that full handed him the sum letter, Wall Street savvy gangster is only allowed the dollar fell for a day. The new president will take office, "the gift" is not good too ugly. Looking at the present, a series of economic card Trump period advocated, now incarnate the financial market shocking "black swan". Stumble endlessly? Can be more than RMB, mainstream currency, the euro, the yen Starving people fill the land., pound, Australian dollar, and the Indonesian rupiah, Turkey lira, South African rand isn’t an fell. Trump during the election has repeatedly anger Fed chairman Yellen, said she was not raising interest rates is to cover the Democratic party. Recently Yellen can not stand, said the rate hike conditions will soon be met, we all guess Beijing time on December 15th meeting of interest rates on the Fed will raise interest rates. Therefore, the election day, the dollar index suddenly jumped from 96.39 rose to 98.31, and in just 5 days to break 100. In the medium and long term, Trump has repeatedly stated that the United States to the economy to point strong stimulus, how to do? Trump in addition to the United States may launch the version of the big infrastructure, four trillion, but also the United States corporate cash flow. What is this concept? Only Apple Corp overseas cash in a $216 billion, all U.S. companies hoard cash overseas, estimated at more than $2 trillion and 500 billion. Of course, the dollar return of hoarding, drive up prices. Although the election period can not be fully committed to the letter, but the market is expected to release in advance is not surprising. If President Trump took office, the United States can really make the GDP growth of 3.5%, the economic growth of the U.S. dollar is not a small support. These reasons stack up enough power to allow the dollar’s Trump price than the price of the "Obama" more potential energy. However, the tea does not think that Ma Jun does not have a strong ceiling, assuming that the election of the speech of all the floor, he advocated the big tax + big stimulus will be a section of the相关的主题文章:

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