Mazda published black technology, the details I believe you will look at several times – Sohu 9c8814

By , November 17, 2017 10:08 pm

Mazda published details of black technology, I believe you will be optimistic about a few times – GVC vehicle motion control system of Mazda new car Sohu (G-Vectoring Control), and a full range of SBCS brake assist system (Smart City Brake Support), won the tenth children’s design award. Mazda said the future will pay more attention to the development of security technology, and make greater contributions to children’s traffic safety. A review of the GVC vehicle motion control system operating principle, the system will monitor the steering wheel at the frequency of once every 5 milliseconds. GVC control system can reduce driving in turn the steering wheel correction number and amplitude, and the changes of slow vehicle longitudinal and transverse G value, it is helpful to improve the ride comfort, and let the driver and passengers neck or waist to resist the centrifugal force of the muscles to relax, reduce long-distance driving fatigue a sense of purpose. G-Vectoring Control winning system, help to improve the comfort of the SBCS driver and passengers of the full range of brake assist system is detected in front of the car, when there is a possibility of collision, will advance to the brake pressure, so as to shorten the reaction time. If the driver has not taken action to slow down, the system will take the initiative to intervene in the brakes to reduce the chance of collision accident. When the SBCS detects the road ahead may collide, will advance to the brake pressure, R & D to shorten the reaction time of the driver for the Mazda vehicle technology is positive, no matter in the engine performance improvement or development of active safety system, Mazda has created a lot of topics and applause, the new Mazda 3 with Mazda6 a Tezi will be equipped with GVC system this award, and the SBCS system, and Mazda’s various cars, the future will also be expected to configure the two systems. But the latest information about Mazda, U-CAR will continue to track fans and friends. High standard professional automotive news sent on time, you are the smartest choice! Welcome to pay attention to UCARCN相关的主题文章:

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