Maoming police patrol found 4 women and 1 men are all drug check suspicious appearance and

By , April 10, 2018 10:45 am

Maoming police patrol found 4 women and 1 men are all drug check suspicious appearance and movements [posted by "safe WeChat public number in October 28th, Maonan" copy "Ping Maonan" to search on WeChat. At present the province’s public security organs] is to carry out the "2016 hurricane" special campaigns to combat, Maoming Station Public Security Bureau sent a fast attack, on October 16th, in one fell swoop destroyed 1 suspected shelter or other drug dens, drug-related crimes and arrested 5 persons, seizing 3 packets, and Straw, plastic bottles and other items. On the same day at 10 pm, the leadership of the police and the Police Association in the area of patrol ambush, in the vicinity of Guanghua Road and people’s Square, found a line of people then took them to the suspicious appearance and movements, and handed over to the police station in the criminal investigation squadron processing. After the examination, on suspicion of shelter or other drug suspect Liao Mouye (female, 24 years old, drug addicts, people of Gongxian in Sichuan province), the statement has repeatedly shelter xiaomou (female, 23 years old, drug addicts, high county of Sichuan province), Pan Mouchang (male, 36 years old, drug addicts, Maogang district people), Yang (female, 20 years old, drug addicts, Sichuan province Gongxian people), Hwang (female, 25 years old, drug addicts, Sichuan Kaijiang County) 4 people, located in the Guanghua Road Maonan district a rental drug "ice". The police smashed the dens at one fell swoop. Criminal suspect Liao Mouye has been detained by the squadron in criminal law. The suspect xiaomou, Yang, Huang, Panmou Chang were sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days to 15 days.

茂名民警巡逻发现4女1男形迹可疑 一查全是吸毒的【本文由“平安茂南”微信公众号10月28日发布,复制“平安茂南”可在微信搜索关注。】在当前全省公安机关正在深入开展“飓风2016”专项打击整治行动中,茂名茂南公安分局站前派出快速出击,于10月16日,一举捣毁1个涉嫌容留他人吸毒窝点,抓获涉毒违法犯罪人员5名,缴获冰毒3小包,以及吸管、塑料瓶等物品。当日晚上10时许,该所领导带领民警和协警在辖区展开巡逻伏击行动时,在光华南路人民广场附近,发现一行多人形迹可疑,随即将她们带至派出所并移交给驻所刑侦中队处理。经审查,涉嫌容留他人吸毒犯罪嫌疑人廖某烨(女,24岁,吸毒人员,四川省珙县人),其供述曾先后多次容留肖某(女,23岁,吸毒人员,四川省高县人),潘某昌(男,36岁,吸毒人员,茂港区人)、杨某(女,20岁,吸毒人员,四川省珙县人)、黄某(女,25岁,吸毒人员,四川省开江县人)等4人,在其位于茂南区光华南路某出租屋内吸食毒品“冰毒”。民警将该窝点一举捣毁。犯罪嫌疑人廖某烨已被该中队刑事拘留。违法嫌疑人肖某、杨某、黄某、潘某昌均被处以行政拘留5日至15日不等的处罚。相关的主题文章:

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