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By , April 15, 2018 12:27 pm

Maldives retreat group how much influence the Commonwealth? Sohu news October 13th, Maldives Foreign Ministry spokesman said, in view of the long-term since the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and the Commonwealth Secretariat to give Maldives unfair treatment, the decision of the government of Maldives from the commonwealth. Maldives scenery this is the second in October 2013 announced the withdrawal of the Commonwealth of Gambia, and the country announced the withdrawal. According to the latest news, after the announcement of the Commonwealth of Maldives announced that the Scotland to consider a second referendum. Is the feeling of the Commonwealth really getting lower today? The Commonwealth is an international organization consisting of 53 sovereign states (including territories), mostly former British colonies or protectorate. In a sense, it can be seen as a continuation of the British Empire, but it is different from the sovereign state, only enjoy the status of international organizations. The queen of England is currently head of the Commonwealth, the queen Elizabeth S, she also played the 16 Commonwealth Realms including the United Kingdom, the head of state, the 16 nations constitute a personal union with a modern version of the. Based on its historical origin, although the official name of the literal translation is "National Federation", the Chinese language is still commonly known as the "Commonwealth" (mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao). In English, commonly known as "the Commonwealth" ("federal"), also known as the Commonwealth countries in addition to the non "British Commonwealth" ("British Commonwealth"), to distinguish between the rest of the world federation or confederation. The British Empire has a long history of control over the world. It was not until the beginning of the twentieth Century that the governors of the colonies were appointed by the British to represent the United Kingdom, and directly control the power of their foreign and national defense. After the first World War, the territory of the British Empire gradually disintegrated, the colonial independence. In 1920s, the British began to consider relaxing the policy to allow the colonies to. In 1931, Congress passed the "Westminster act" in 1931, the creation of "Commonwealth", requiring its members based on the common historical background, independent of each other but maintain the relationship between freedom and equality. "People of the Commonwealth have long questioned the meaning of existence", "in the past eight years, the Commonwealth has died, the absolute death, President of the Royal Society of African Richard (Richard Dowden)? He said. It is understood that Maldives’s dissatisfaction with the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth has been working to become an active participant in the horse’s internal affairs, which violated the United Nations and the Commonwealth charter. The so-called Commonwealth charter, it is elaborated the Commonwealth charter values, but also its 54 members of equality, democracy and a series of principles of commitment. The Charter was signed in London on March 11, 2013 (the Commonwealth Day) by Queen Elizabeth S in London on December 19, 2012. It is called "an important milestone in the development and reform of the Commonwealth", which summarizes the interpretation of the 54 members of the Union in democracy, human rights, the rule of law"相关的主题文章:

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