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Medicine Having a daily health regimen that includes 20 minutes of brisk walking each day, taking affordable discount vitamins, and getting an adequate amount of sleepthese actions can lead to a better quality of life for you and those around you. Of course, these are not the only three things in your daily regimen, but they serve as examples of what you can do to be good to your body. Partaking in healthy daily habits is the key to a regimen that achieves positive results over the long term. Often, we tend to think of habits as something negative, like smoking or nail biting, but habits can also be extremely positive. When they relate to our health, and impact it in a positive way, our lives both easier and better. Eating healthy foods and exercising the major muscle groups of our bodythese are just two examples of daily actions we can take to build good health habits So, do we need to rush right out to buy three nutrition books, an entire kitchen of different groceries and expensive exercise equipment? Luckily for many of us, the answer is a resounding of course not. But what do we do to put habits into place in our lives, habits that will serve us well now and in the years ahead? Originally, habits are developed because they meet a need we believe we have. When something is routinely done over and over, for the same reason, it eventually a habit. The activity then something we no longer need to focus attention on; it is done automatically and with little conscious thought. Each day presents us with challenges, and positive habits allow us to focus our primary attention on more .plex parts of our lives, likes changes in the personnel handbook at work, or choosing a quality investment plan. One of the great things about a habityou don’t have to think about it very much, and yet it still gets done. When you plan to adopt some new habits, you might want to think of psychologists Prochaska and DiClemente’s steps in planning for change. If we are thinking about a daily health regimen, the first step would be a list of all you will gain or benefit by incorporating positive health habits into your life, such as losing weight, having better muscle tone, and avoiding tension headaches. Next, you will want to list those habits that you think will be helpful to adopt, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and relaxation. For each area, such as nutrition, you will break it down into even smaller steps. And why small steps? Why not just say eat better and move on to your next idea? Because the smaller we break things down, the easier it is for our mind to develop a habit. Often we fail to establish good habits, not because of bad intentions or lack of effort, but because we fail to realize how our mind learns best. Since a habit is something you do automatically, it has to be unconscious. Teaching the unconscious mind requires the tasks to be simple. Eventually, your daily regimen will be relatively .plex, but it will be .posed of small, simple unconscious habits, that you will do quite effortlessly. For nutrition, you could begin with a few simple activities. Choose a food group that you know you may not be including adequately in your diet such as fruit. List activities on your calendar that relate to buying and eating fruit, e.g. buy fresh and frozen fruit on Mondays, and make a daily note on the calendar each meal you consume fruit. Next, be sure to purchase enough high quality discount vitamins to last several weeks. Choose a time each day you are going to take them; it often helps to link a new habit to an already established one, such as taking your vitamins before brushing your teeth each night. Taking the vitamins on a regular basis assures that your body, no matter what foods you may overlook, gets the vitamins it needs to function well. Finally, place your favorite water glass (if you don’t have one, you can always go out and buy one) near the source of drinking water in your home. Seeing the glass can remind you of your need to drink 6 glasses of water each day, and every glass of water you drink will help you ease into a healthy habit. The change model also suggests that you build in dates and rewards. The dates are so you will remember to review your actions to see how well you are doing, and the rewards are to encourage you to keep on keeping on. The final phase of the model is to get help from others around you, whether in the form of positive remarks or high-fives. In order to be one of your own best sources of support, don’t be afraid to think of all your small successes each day. One of the keys to this plan is to focus on your actions, not the results you are expecting. Focusing on results can set you up to be disappointed, while focusing on actions can provide you with a solid sense of on-going success. According to Lee Milteer, 2004 Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year and a career development strategist, the basic difference between something being a wish or a goal is that a goal is put into writing. Write down, in an overall plan, each small action you are going to take. Perform those actions and in the space of about a month several of your actions should be well on their way to habits for you. Our body loves habits, and it loves us for observing them. This is because the human body is constantly trying to keep us at a point of homeostasis, that is, a point of balance. It wants us to have the right amount of heat, neither too much nor too little. It wants us to take in an adequate and appropriate amount and type of calories, at regular times during the day. The more regular or habitual our actions are, the easier it is for our body to adjust its internal clock to respond to our actions. Just as it is easier to get up at the same time each morning for a week than to get up at seven different times, it is easier for our body to utilize, digest, and benefit from nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation, when they .e at fairly regular times. Begin planning your daily regimen so you can make your healthy activities an automatic part of your life. Making activities like taking your discount vitamins at the same time each day or going for a walk each evening right after work, into habits can make a positive difference in your lifeand you won’t even have to think about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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