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By , April 19, 2018 3:02 am

Ma Rupei: to accelerate the development of green finance should be leveraging G20 – Beijing new network in Shanghai in August 31, (Miu Lu) green finance has become a new outlet of global financial development, at the upcoming G20 summit, green finance was first included in the agenda of the meeting. In this regard, the International Financial Forum (IFF) Executive Committee, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Ma Rupei said, is to accelerate the development of G20 by a pressing matter of the moment of green finance. "We must take full account of the potential impact on the ecological environment of the ecological environment, the ecological environment related to the potential cost, return, risk, return factors into the corresponding investment and financing decisions". Ma was held at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the international finance forum held on the 31 annual meeting of the above statement. He believes that G20 covers economic governance as an important platform for the world’s major developed countries and developing countries, is the governance mechanism from the economic crisis response mechanism to global economic change, in this case, attaches great importance to the development of green finance, green finance development has become an important measure to implement the "Paris agreement". Green financial development can be traced back to the last century in 70s 1974, the Federal Republic of Germany established the world’s first environmental policy bank, named "ecological bank", responsible for providing preferential loans to banks are not willing to accept the project environment. International Commercial Bank 2002 meeting of the world bank’s international finance company and the Bank of Holland was held in London on a corporate loan standards, this is the equator principles of international banking industry with a great reputation "". The equator principles has become a new standard of international project financing, the global adoption of hundreds of financial institutions, the project financing accounted for nearly 90% of global project financing. Ma Ru Pei concluded, the equator bank development in the Chinese, should say is not too fast, but also reflects from the side, Chinese green financial development is still at a starting stage. But the good news is that after experiencing the industry generally recognized the first year of the development of China’s green finance in 2015, green finance in 2016 once again facing major development opportunities. In August 30, 2016, the twenty-seventh meeting of the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group approved "on the construction of green financial system guidance", the government has China green finance as the key strategic priorities for China. Within a year, China green securities market from the zero growth for the global model, but it can also be noted that the current global green bond issuance to all global bond issuance amount of 1%, while the proportion of crude Chinese about estimation is a very small number, because of the green finance the development potential is huge. Ma said that the expansion of green financial investment is imperative, if we can get the money and the money needed to open up the market, so that more funds to invest in the green industry, will be able to form a win-win situation. For example, we can buy a low-risk bond yields in Europe may be only about 1%, China’s current average yield of green bonds accounted for about 3.5%, although lower than the domestic ordinary bonds, but compared with the European Bond相关的主题文章:

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