Love never grows old, but it grows old

By , November 15, 2017 1:39 pm

Love will not be old, the old is the public concern about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Amoy husband Amoy wife Dear Mr. Wu: happy holidays. Often think of our first acquaintance. If it is not my birthday my bestie sent my photos to my Happy birthday, maybe you will not know you, if you are not a joke to say to you today, maybe we will not be together, this is the so-called fate let us finally come together. It took us three months to get to know each other, and neither of us was the one who ran after us. We talked and talked. In fact, I really want to speak that really is not so simple, perhaps is the TV to see more, always dreaming of a romantic confession ceremony. Now think of the so-called rituals that are not only able to satisfy the moment, but what is left? Now I feel the long, light is really flat. When I met you, I just finished my 25 year old birthday, and you are already at the age of 26. In this age we are busy, struggle, lack of love. The so-called love, life is only a swap. I can feel your hesitation. The hesitation, can fall in love, but no longer believe in love. Do you think it is nonsense about enduring as the universe, said of a couple only flower in the mirror in the water. You are so frustrating. Dear Mr. Wu, how can I tell you that happiness is the only thing we have to do before we can believe it? At night, when I examine our days together, find yourself to follow your choice, the answer is you, I decided to write a letter to you. 1, or a little less at that time, I broke up with my ex boyfriend has been more than half a year, came out a little slow process, but also a bit difficult. And then you, the window of time than I have for a long time. For you and me the love affair, bestie very sharp and while the sight of blood, you are only mutual help. It seems like this, but it’s not exactly that. At least here I am, because of love. Did you find out? When we were together, we seemed to be able to step on the same beat in perfect silence. If you tell me a joke, I can understand it right away. That kind of feeling, like begonia bloom in April, everything is just fine. Unfortunately, even with such tacit backing, this love is less what. Bestie advised me to stop. She said that when a man can not love you, you can only pass. I said, when a fairly good man, after three years of love is still single, at least that he is a long feeling, this is not bad. You see, when you fall in love with someone, you can always find a reason for him. Love needs no reason, love is like a 2 bus account should be mutual love, most men and women in the compulsory love way. When we talk about this topic, I said you come first, you go back to the ladies first. We are like two naughty children, repeatedly said, "you come first". Then you pause相关的主题文章:

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