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Lippi’s declaration: the 12 race Chinese football progress strive to qualify for the afternoon of October 28th Beijing time, China Football Association official held a news conference in Beijing, the new national team coach Lippi and his coaching staff members formally met with the outside world. This also means that the country foot officially entered the "Lippi era"". Very happy to return to return to the China China, Lippi in a good mood, from the beginning into the hall, his face still hung with a faint smile, and Lippi’s speech also confirmed his good mood: "very happy to be back again China. As you know, before signing with China FA, I also coach work contract with Evergrande signed, but in football I received the invitation, after many efforts, I eventually became the head coach of the national team. In China, both me and my coaching staff, all of us have always felt the support and respect of all of us, and hope that you can support us all the time." In addition to Lippi, the national team also officially unveiled a new team: Gaudino, Fabregas, maddaloni, Rampulla, Curtis, Li Tie, Kang Bing and another fitness coach Lippi team composition. According to the chairman of the Football Association Cai Zhenhua, football association has a whole consideration for Lippi’s time, according to the association’s plan, first by the end of January 2019, at the same time, in consideration of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The football association hopes that in this period of time, the country can be under the leadership of Lippi, step by step to achieve steady improvement. With the constant help "credit card now Orangemen in the twelve race of the prospect is not optimistic, in this regard, Lippi said:" at present the twelve match of four games, although worrisome, but qualifying is not impossible. I don’t think it is a very big gap between Chinese team and other national team, we as a collective, must form a collective consciousness, on the field to help each other, play all their ability, do not have reservations. If we can work together, will not be afraid to face any team. I’m going to tell them, put on the national team shirt, that’s the highest honor, and they’re going to try their best to play for the national team." For the previously rumored naturalized players, Lippi replied bluntly, "nothing at all."." The next game against Qatar is imminent, and the outside world is also curious about the new national team list. In this regard, he said: "this list has been determined, but the final round of the end of the game, to see if there are injuries, then make the final confirmation with the club. In other countries, there are a lot of great national team recruited six or seven players from the same club, because these players long-term play together, is of great help to the national team are familiar with each other between them. In the first game, we need to think more about safety and insurance. Based on the above consideration, I will be in this training. Recruit more players to Guangzhou Hengda, Hengda team formed the national team." Mr Cai Zhenhua is answering the conference site, in addition to Lippi’s salary, Cai Zhenhua answered all questions about Chinese football Xuanshuai recently said in his speech: "for confidentiality, I can not disclose specific figures. But it can be briefly introduced, in order to employ Lippi, Chinese foot"

里皮上任宣言:12强赛力争出线 帮中国足球进步   北京时间10月28日下午,中国足协在北京正式召开新闻发布会,新任国家队主帅里皮携其教练组成员正式与外界见面。这也意味着国足正式进入“里皮时代”。   重返中国很开心   重返中国,里皮心情不错,从走进发布厅开始,他的脸上一直挂着淡淡的微笑,而里皮的发言也验证了他的好心情:“非常高兴能再次回到中国。正如大家知道的,在与中国足协签约之前,我也跟恒大签订了主教练工作合同,但在我接到足协的邀请后,经过多方努力,最终我成为了国家队主帅。在中国,无论是我还是我的教练组,我们所有人一直都感受到大家的支持和尊重,希望大家能一直支持我们。”   除了里皮,国家队新的团队也正式亮相:法布、马达洛尼、高迪诺、兰普拉、柯蒂、李铁、康冰以及另一位体能教练组成了里皮的工作团队。据足协主席蔡振华介绍,足协对于里皮的执教时间有一个整体考虑,按足协的计划,先到2019年1月底,同时在考虑2022世界杯预选赛。足协希望在这段时间内,国足能够在里皮的带领下,一步一个脚印地实现稳步提高。   用“恒大帮”刷卡   现在国足在十二强赛的前景很不乐观,对此,里皮坦言:“目前的十二强赛进行了四场,虽然令人担忧,但出线并不是没有可能。我不觉得中国队与其他国家队有非常大的差距,我们作为一个集体,一定要形成集体意识,在场上互相帮助,发挥自己的所有能力,不要有所保留。如果我们能够上下一心,面对任何球队都不会有所畏惧。我要告诉他们,穿上国家队球衣,这就是最高荣誉,他们要拿出最高水平为国家队去努力。”对于之前传闻的归化球员一事,里皮直截了当地回答:“根本没有的事儿。”   下一场对阵卡塔尔的比赛迫在眉睫,外界对于新一期国家队名单也充满好奇。对此,里皮表示:“这份名单已经确定,但需要最后一轮比赛结束之后,看是否有伤病情况,再与俱乐部进行最后的确认。放眼其他国家队,有很多伟大的国家队会从同一家俱乐部招入六七名球员,因为这些球员长期在一起比赛,他们之间相互熟悉对国家队有很大的帮助。第一场比赛我们更多要考虑安全与保险。出于上述考虑,我会在这次集训之中招入比较多的广州恒大球员,以恒大班底组建国家队。”   蔡振华致辞答疑   发布会现场,除了里皮的薪水问题,蔡振华在致辞中解答了近来关于国足选帅的所有问题:“出于保密条款,我无法透露具体数字。但可以简单介绍一下,为了聘请里皮,中国足协付出了最大的努力,提供了一份诚意十足的酬金。这次选帅工作也确实得到了恒大的帮助与支持,恒大主动解除了原来与里皮的工作合同,并在中国足协与里皮的沟通中起到了桥梁作用。从法律层面来看,恒大俱乐部与里皮解约、中国足协与里皮签约、里皮与恒大足校签约担任顾问,都是独立的,互不发生关系的事情。里皮与恒大足校签约担任顾问之前,恒大已经告知中国足协,我们是同意的。中国足协不会给恒大任何特殊关照。我们会按照公开、平等、公正的原则对待恒大,请广大媒体监督。”相关的主题文章:

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