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By , April 19, 2018 3:03 am

Lin Dan Xie Xingfang: Thank you for the default pregnant   I hope everything goes – Yunnan channel — original title: Lin Dan Xie Xingfang: Thank you for the default pregnant hope everything goes well in 2016 the National Badminton Championships team yesterday ended in Foshan by Sun Yu, Chen Qing, Chen led the Guangdong women’s team in the final 3 to 2 victory over the Zhejiang team. Thrilling win. Lin Dan on behalf of the Beijing men’s team is no doubt more than 3 to 0 swept the Hunan men’s team, easily won the men’s team champion. After the game, Lin Dan for the "family event" for the first time to respond: "thank you, hope everything goes well." The Guangdong team and the Zhejiang team had met in the group phase, when the Guangdong team 3 to 1 victory over the opponent. The two teams in the finals yesterday again quitting, Sun Yu starts in the first singles competition in the array, she worked hard for nearly 90 minutes, finally to 2 than 1 xianbatouchou. The national team star partner Chen Qingchen Qu Dongni from Guangzhou in the second women’s doubles debut, they more than 2 to 0 easily beat his opponent, the Guangdong team for the big lead to 2 than 0. From the beginning of third, the Zhejiang team launched a counterattack, with singles and doubles wins two points. In the decider of the competition, the Guangdong team Han Luxuan 2 to 1 victory over rival Pan Lu, the big score locked at 3 2. The men’s team finals have lack of suspense, the Olympic champion Lin Dan and Zhang Nan of the Beijing men’s team to 3 to 0 win over the Hunan men’s team. This is the first time Lin Dan on behalf of the Beijing team debut in the national tournament, he won the victory in the record since the start. A photo of Lin Dan Xie Xingfang couple and friends recently in the online crazy pass, Xie Xingfang seems to have a plump child. Yesterday after the game, Lin Dan in an interview, a reporter asked whether the family event and whether the recently announced, Lin Dan did not respond positively, but said: "thank you, hope everything goes well." Lin Dan had previously said on a number of occasions that the arrival of a small life, boys and girls alike. Lin Dan revealed that he did not intend to participate in any international events during the year, only to participate in the domestic super league. (Yang Min) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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