Liaoning ship political commissar disclosure of income Senior Noncommissioned crew monthly salary of-restorator

By , April 10, 2018 8:44 pm

Liaoning ship political commissar disclosure of income: the senior noncommissioned crew of over 10 thousand yuan monthly salary data figure: ready to ship from Liaoning on the jump two fighters 15 fighter "stones", this is the greatest feeling China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship officers and soldiers over the past 4 years. Since September 25, 2012 the Liaoning ship formally handed out the Navy aircraft carrier, all officers and men started a new career, completed a number of "for the first time". Even to American officials to visit Liaoning ship aircraft carrier in order to Chinese research training praise. Behind this, especially senior noncommissioned officer pay great efforts. In late October, the Global Times reporter boarded the ship in Liaoning, close to the aircraft carrier to generate the story behind the story. The beginning of the aircraft carrier, from the start of the 20 floor of the unknown height, dozens of kilometers long channel, walking through the ship in Liaoning, if there is not a guide with, outsiders are bound to get lost. A young soldier said, new aircraft carrier, one of the subjects that need to recognize the road, "told a cabin, asked to find to be qualified in a specified time". Let the young soldiers admire, senior noncommissioned officers not only know the way, and by heart, can also be a shortcut in the cabin. Practice makes perfect., this batch of senior non commissioned officers are set up at the beginning of the carrier force involved. The first aircraft carrier crew selection officer, they have in common is skilled, excellent in the original performance, performing many important tasks. The selection unit is recommended and cover combination. Aviation security department captain, Sergeant Li Lixiao was one of the first test area and kept on the ship in Liaoning, he told the "Global Times" reporter: "the examination is divided into theory and interview, theory exam comprehensive subjects such as mathematics and physics, the interview will mainly involve professional knowledge and personal wishes." Don’t forget the heart, these senior NCOs invariably mention carrier feelings". In their view, with carrier generations to dream, as a Navy’s first aircraft carrier to the selection of China work is a great honor. Li Dongyou said, these officers are the backbone of all units in the original stable life, from the future to what they have no temptation, but they came, the first generation of carrier pursuit of honor. For the first time in November 23, 2012 the aircraft carrier landing success scenario for senior noncommissioned officer Li Lixiao and several aviation security departments in. Li Lixiao said: "at that time the mood is really excited, excited, tears out. People who have not experienced can not understand." Hard won happiness is always doubled, only they know what happened in the past few years, Liaoning ship. Liaoning ship is the former Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, without any data, all must start from the exploration, "the line drawings neither fuel pipe, no air kerosene any data module". As everyone knows, the aircraft carrier carrier based aircraft is the main weapon of large surface ships, aviation security department is mainly responsible for the normal operation of the aircraft on the aircraft carrier, is Liaoning’s most important ship of the Department, but also all starting from scratch to the department. Aviation security departments involved in water, electricity, oil, gas, wind and other security elements. The aviation kerosene tank on the aircraft carrier is in the period of the carrier aircraft"相关的主题文章:

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