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By , November 21, 2017 12:24 am

Li Xuyi hijacked truck is more like the expression of view original title: Li Xuyi hijacked truck is more like the expression of ideas of the author: Song Zhibiao     source: Liaoning news comment truck robbery is extremely strange, at this time, a dramatic reversal occurred. NetEase disclosure, September 7th Yingkou Dashiqiao Armored Car Robbery Li Xuyi, was revealed to millions of low-income housing projects in arrears, 4 years failed to discuss. This turning lighten our dislike for Li Xuyi, even make people sympathize with him. It is this robbery from beginning to end, completely anti professional operation. Li Xuyi is using a fake gun, hijacked the car did not run away, but the depth of residential quarters, the money to the brothers. Brother alarm, the police quickly caught Li Xuyi. With the capture of people, the amount of robbery from the original 35 million to become the 6 million. Some people say Li Xuyi is a wonderful world of robbers. With the progress of new causal facts, the armored car hijacking case: take on an altogether new aspect local debt crisis the fiscal burden, the government defaulted contractor works, caused Li Xuyi’s personal debt crisis, leading to its default limit, the government arranged a cash transport work, the play staged bank robbery. Reality provides the magic realism story, really let people sigh. The robbery plot evolution to this step, who made the armored car robbery case, also called a man hesitated. Li Xuyi’s behavior did not bring substantial social harm, a lot of people sympathize with his experience, and morally forgive his choice, but also reasonable. It is a problem, this is like making debt pressure of public opinion "robbery" decide on what path to follow? Before Li Xuyi failed to disclose the personal circumstances, public opinion was confused by the camp mouth robbery. A truck is just hijacked, an announcement that is lost is 35 million, as many as four armored personnel involved; however, when the case solved, they said is lost 6 million. And let this deep routines bankruptcy, it is Li Xuyi himself. Playback story, Li Xuyi did not look like a robber is more. He made money on the armored car, the next is the doings rather deliberate. He did not escape hiding, but in the city is deliberately whereabouts, or even a hint of brother alarm, do the surface against even the basic accomplishment of the primary, the robber up wondering, like a good. Li Xuyi economic background is revealed, a reasonable inference is that he hijacked the armored car is to express their views, causing public concern, and not really robbing. He is four years for projects are defeated by the government, the deep financial crisis, close to bankruptcy of the doomed eternally. He said by the armored car used to put pressure on government by the very means to discuss the fiscal balance, logic stand. Similar to the inherent demands of crime, appear more than securicar at Camp mouth hijacking case, also appeared in other places. For example, the contractor to pay talks, after experiencing numerous prevarication, tired of life frustration, instead of revenge on society approach to their own justice. Li Xuyi starred in this time, just making trouble, the result is quite restrained Hao相关的主题文章:

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