Li Keqiang whirlwind visit to Kazakhstan, in order to do this

By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

Li Keqiang "cyclone" visit to Kazakhstan for this event – Beijing night is coming to Kazakhstan the capital city of Astana, the people who have been wearing thick leather hat ready to go home, Premier Li Keqiang flew the plane to arrive here, beginning 3 hours "whirlwind" diplomatic visit. Local time on November 3rd at 4 pm, Li Keqiang has just ended in Kyrgyzstan fifteenth times the dense agenda will be the prime minister, went to the airport to fly to Kazakhstan, the capital of Astana. The next morning, the prime minister will fly to the capital of Riga, Latvia, China to attend the meeting of leaders of central and Eastern europe. In the middle of two major mechanisms of short neutral, Li Keqiang arrangements must attack the "whirlwind" visit. One of the core content: to speed up the upcoming third year of the Sino Kazakh cooperation in production capacity". During the visit of Prime Minister Lee two years ago proposed to carry out the production cooperation initiative, has made gratifying progress after arriving in Astana, Premier Li Keqiang at the 3 hour non-stop nahma attended the welcome ceremony held by Ha Risagitayev, held the third regular meeting, the prime minister, met with Kazakh President Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan and attended the dinner. Kazakhstan prime minister, after the meeting, the two prime ministers through a remote connection, watch the Kazakhstan Jianghuai Automobile Factory Cousteau tannay unveiling ceremony, witnessed a HA production cooperation projects fall flowering". Sa Ginta Jef said that this project is the production capacity of Sino Kazakh cooperation within two years of the visible results". President Nazarbayev praised the warm: Prime Minister Lee’s visit to Kazakhstan two years ago to put forward the proposal to carry out capacity cooperation, has made gratifying progress. Kazakhstan is willing to deepen cooperation to promote productivity, more air plant project." Astana in December 14, 2014, during the prime minister Li Keqiang attended the thirteenth meeting, held talks with Kazakh President Nazarbayev was originally a regular routine". Kazakhstan premier of China to introduce them to promote the "bright Avenue" program, and expressed willingness to export more iron ore, agricultural products, etc.. Li Keqiang had suggested: "why don’t we" bright road on the basis of the "depth" production cooperation "?" Chinese prime minister’s proposal, not only a huge gap China surplus docking quality capacity and infrastructure in Kazakhstan, also happens to fit our common interests. Nazarbayev immediately patted the table excitedly: "that’s settled!" The second day early in the morning, he sent Masimov to the then Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Li Keqiang Hotel, two people in a breakfast, a $18 billion Kazakhstan production cooperation agreement, by the media as "the price for breakfast". Two years later, Li Keqiang again visited Kazakhstan for high-level reception, reflects the high degree of enthusiasm for sincere Kazakhstan Kazakhstan cooperation. With Li Keqiang in Kyrgyzstan attended the meeting of the prime minister, Kazakhstan Lisa Aliyev total urn to fly back at the airport specially in advance, for the subsequent arrival of prime minister Li Keqiang held a grand welcome ceremony. Then, he again one step ahead, the urn to the prime minister’s office, where Ying)相关的主题文章:

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