Legend of tomorrow Twelfth sets of thunder and Kendra engagement – Sohu Entertainment-519697

By , April 15, 2018 12:28 pm

Legend of tomorrow, the twelfth set of thunder and Kendra engagement – Sohu entertainment team successfully rescued young Mick and Sohu entertainment began to kill the Rangers young players. Gideon tracked the rover through time distortion to predict her next target. After the team successfully rescued the young Mick and Sarah, the player could not track the Rover Based on the actual distortion, and the players could not know when they would be killed by the. When the rover came after the young ray, the team arrived in time to save him. Rip decided other teammates abducted baby individuals, to prevent the wanderer on their hands. Rescued these individuals, will reap them to take care of his adoptive mother, until they succeeded in stopping the wanderer. The rover took Jefferson’s father and other teammates loved ones, their threat to young individuals to pay out. Rip raised their young individuals to pay out, in exchange for his teammates lives, the rover to accept the deal. The rover team successfully against rip ambush, but didn’t expect the young Li Pu stab her with a knife, can kill the rover team success. Finally, ray and Kendra are engaged.   相关的主题文章:

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