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By , November 17, 2017 10:54 pm

Lee sound investment plans new profit plan Tuesday – Saturday to grab sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my teacher Li Kai completed a total of two planned for you, the 01 phase of the project three months to earn 20.13%, the 02 phase of the project three months to earn 12.54%, the two plans were significantly outperforming the market. Lee Li Kaixin plans to plan from September 17th to September 13th (Tuesday – Saturday) daily 9:00 rush to open, want to purchase as soon as possible oh ~ stock selection and trading point teacher Li Kai stock selection focus on short-term investment opportunities in mining stocks and strategic opportunities, decades of painstaking research and optimization of the model to quantify the investment, to help ordinary investors sustainable long-term profitability. The 01 phase of the project to capture Haihong holding this Niugu, the stocks return up to 20.12%, the contribution of the whole project revenue 18.18%, almost a complete target return. The 02 phase of the project to capture stocks gaosongzhuan Tongyu heavy industry, the stock returns 13.99%. Tongyu heavy Li Kai Jiancang Tongyu heavy industry in August 1st, price of 9.04 yuan to buy 100, and in August 2nd the price of 9.35 yuan to cover the 205 hands, in August 4th at a price of 10.48 sell out. In August 9th the price of 10.19 yuan to buy 200 hands, two sell out in August 16th, the stocks return 13.99%. Dynamic control positions steady investment in the operation of the characteristics of the teacher Li Kai is a solid investment, long-term profitability. Dynamic control positions, in order to maximize profits under the premise of financial security. Lee plan single Jiancang 1-2 average positions, flexible and easy to control. Lee opened the 02 phase of the maximum continuous profit of $8.55%, the maximum retracement of only -2.17%, the maximum profit of the 01 phase of the program is the largest, the maximum retracement of only -3.35%. From this group of data can be seen in the financial management of risk control ability. 02 phase of the project profitability risk control ability to open the 02 phase of the plan failed to achieve the target income, but also achieved good results, excellent wind control. Choi gave a five-star praise, and continue to support the next phase of the plan. I hope the teacher Li Kai planning to achieve better results. Friends of the financial evaluation of Li Kaixin plan will be in September 13th to September 17th (Tuesday – Saturday) daily 9:00 rush to open, want to purchase as soon as possible oh ~ the last financial sister more emphasize one: the stock market risk, the investment need to be cautious! > > > what is the financial planner to observe the master plan: how to make money how to control the risk of > > > grab financial planner program how to use: Web client, WeChat, get real-time alerts > > > old user exclusive privilege advance purchase: each batch plan before the opening rush into the [purchase priority Sina shares] discussion相关的主题文章:

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