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Large shareholder exemption commitments and application is whether the Bank of cashmere industry share to Sina App financial storm: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money on each by each reporter Ceng Jian intern reporter Zhang Mingshuang, Bank of cashmere industry (000982) September 28th announcement that the controlling shareholder of the company to apply for exemption of Cashmere Group to fulfill the commitments of the bill was rejected 27 held in 2016 third extraordinary general meeting. Large shareholders rectification deadline in February 2016, the Cashmere Group made their irrevocable commitment to its territory only listed platform Bank of cashmere industry, all 41.19% shares of Shanda Games held by the first sale to Bank of cashmere industry, and actively cooperate with the Bank of cashmere industry capital operation scheme and implementation of the declaration. But things are changing quickly. In April 7, 2016, the Ningxia Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a warning letter to the "" Cashmere Group, believes that the commitments content does not comply with the "regulatory guidelines listed company No. Fourth" (hereinafter referred to as the "No. 4" guidelines ") regulations, requirements of Cashmere Group commitments rectification within 6 months. At the same time, the grand game of all shareholders in the subsequent capital operation plan began to diverge, the Cashmere Group and the actual control, the partnership is in a number of legal disputes, the grand game overall assets into the Bank of cashmere industry plans beyond the control of the Cashmere Group, it’s unable to carry out rectification commitment item. Before the rectification period is coming, the Cashmere Group in September to the Bank of cashmere industry to apply for exemption from previous commitments. In September 27th, the Bank of cashmere industry shareholders rejected the bill. Shenzhen send letters of concern 29, each by the investment treasure as an investor call the Bank of cashmere industry, securities affairs representative Xu Jinye said, may be small shareholders understanding of "4 Guidelines", is not quite thorough, investors are also exempted from one-sided that is equivalent to a large shareholder is not implemented, in fact large shareholders did not give up to promote the big game shares into the Bank of cashmere industry. The company is evaluating (the impact of the exemption commitment is not), the controlling shareholder is also in coordination with the relevant departments to see how this matter is how to follow the operation." For the next step of the plan, Xu Jinye said, this is the problem of controlling shareholder level, there is no way to disclose here. How to improve the major shareholders of the rectification, the company will follow up and timely disclosure." In fact, the Cashmere Group will want a grand game of assets into the Bank of cashmere industry the difficulty is not small. It is understood that Shanda shares dispute three forces are deadlocked, respectively, century Huatong Cashmere Group and intime group, the shareholding ratio was 41.19%, 43% and 9.02%. In August 2016, the cashmere group associated with the direction of the grand game of parent company holding Cade proposed a motion to appoint directors, appointed Cade holding a new accounting firm for auditors and other five proposals, but in the end all is holding the temporary general meeting of shareholders veto kidd. This also means that the Group intends to control the purpose of controlling the grand game temporarily lose. To continue to promote the grand game into the listed company, said Xu Jinye, obstacles encountered earlier, major shareholders have been working on相关的主题文章:

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