Lanzhou Jiaotong University, former dean of Chen Ling Bowen is still chairman of the post –

By , April 16, 2018 7:43 pm

Lanzhou Jiaotong University, former dean of Chen Ling Bowen is still chairman of the post – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, August this year, Lanzhou Jiaotong University School Teacher Liu Lingli died because of Bowen primary cancer and complications during the treatment period, the school was long-term absenteeism dismissal, former president Chen Ling signed with the decision. According to LanZhou JiaoTong University post College News website, the board of directors before the decision, agreed Chen Ling resigned as director of appointment as Dean Chen biao. According to the understanding, although Chen Ling resigned as director of the school’s official website "school leadership" column shows, Chen Ling has served as chairman of the Lanzhou Jiaotong University School of blog post. Liu Lingli, a teacher at LanZhou JiaoTong University’s Bowen college, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 1, 2014. In January 2015, Liu Lingli was recognized as a continuous school absenteeism, agreed to violate the labor agreement, dismissal and termination of labor relations. In May 2015, Liu Lingli sued the school. However, after the second instance of LanZhou JiaoTong University Bowen college did not implement the decision. In August 14, 2016, Liu Lingli left the world with regret. After the incident by the media reports, in August 20th, LanZhou JiaoTong University sent a working group to Bowen college to investigate the matter. August 22nd, Bowen college issued a letter of apology, admitted that the college made a hasty decision to terminate the labor contract, it is inappropriate". On August 23rd, Bowen Dean door to apologize, families receive compensation.相关的主题文章:

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