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"Lanling Princess" file November 13th Zhang Hanyun led the legendary SM Entertainment   – Sohu; "Lan Ling Princess" file November 13th Sohu entertainment news by Yan Shang Dongyang New Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dianguangzhuanmei cultural development system, festival culture film & Television Fund, Beijing Xin Xin Xiang nuclear Culture Development Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Zhang Hanyun, Peng Guanying Andy Chen, Lily Tien, Lin Weichen, Liu Shuailiang, Hua Jiao, starring the legendary love drama "Lanling Princess" recently announced that it will then file a "-", on November 13th officially in Hunan satellite TV diamond theater broadcast alone broadcast. The combination of beauty, exquisite ancient clothing and the legend of the climax of the love of popular users. The northern and Southern Dynasties love legend Zhang Hanyun LED screen screen amazing love imbroglio "Lanling Princess" adapted from the creation of Yang Qianzi’s novel network "Lanling Princess", adapted by veteran screenwriter Zhang Shisan, tells the story of unrest in the northern and Southern Dynasties, Duanmu family only descendant pity for the summer Duanmu Palace of the Earth treasures, the revitalization of the family, help Xian main end of world turmoil, in troubled times in the ups and downs, and Wang Gao and Changgong Lanling troubled Lawrence Northern Zhou Yuwen Yong the emotional entanglements. The fusion of pure love love, the legendary arena, the war towards the Bureau, male and proud of the multiple subtly malicious jiaonu suction eye elements, the climax of the story is really looking forward to, and all the high yen value starring by collective praise "Yan value online". As Yuan Qing lock Zhang Hanyun singer, in recent years, good works continuously, especially costumes can be pure and lovely, dignified atmosphere, plays with Peng Guanying’s and Andy Chen’s Lanling Wang Yong Yuwen between cut and chaotic emotional concern. The country of love and hurt a Machiavellian Yin, guoqiuguhen under will continue to show the audience on the screen. China shadow first 4K drama texture level really shocking visual experience earlier, "Lanling Princess" on a strong behind the scenes production: responsible for "Xianshengduoren Mi month biography", "Wu legend" and other TV service team to join the road, according to the total film producer, said the shooting a movie, according to the configuration, clothing from the leading role to a supporting role, is tailored to single clothing production of more than five hundred sets, the modeling is not only consistent with their status, and match with the personality, in the overall design of collocation into the recent fashion elements and color matching, many clothing props are handmade original. The show lasted four months of shooting period, after Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu grassland, town of Zhuozhou Wuxi viewfinder, using RED5 film camera, and uses a film special effects production, in the visual and audio effects to make a comprehensive innovation. "The real shooting beautiful clothing tract are very sophisticated, each frame is a desktop computer, especially the casting too good" has become the majority of users of the evaluation. The other side of the flowers open on the other side, the bridge before? "Lanling Princess" in late November 13th 22:00 landing Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater, please look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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