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By , April 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Korean media: 2 ship China fishing boat was intercepted or because of fear of shelling Shushoujiuqin Korean media: two Chinese fishing boats were intercepted by the fear of South Korea or shelling Shushoujiuqin according to the Korea Central Daily reported Chinese network in October 13th, two in Inchon City area paekyong illegal fishing boats were China Korea maritime police intercepted. This is the first time after the South Korean government to strengthen the regulation of Chinese fishing boats intercepted Chinese fishing boats. Chinese crew did not resist, so there is no South Korean coastguard for naval gun. From October 12th, Inchon city Ongjin Yin Ping Island overlooking the North Island seats before the sea more than and 10 ships Chinese fishing boats. China buy Korean fishing boat fishing right, stay in the northern region, after the west across the northern boundary (NLL) for illegal fishing. Inchon Marine Police Security Department said that foreigners fisheries and other related laws in October 12th for alleged violation of the exclusive economic zone on the grounds that the two fishing boats (Chinese intercepted 106 tons). The two China boats about 0 o’clock in the sea 46 km Inchon city Ongjin paekyong western South invading specific prohibited area 2.2 kilometers, suspected of illegal fishing. A specific prohibited area is a place for the prohibition and restriction of fishing vessels for the protection of fishery resources. South Korean coastguard at night inspections found illegal fishing boats and pursued China. These boats toward traveling 11 kilometers around China Sea direction, was intercepted using two boats on the pursuit of the South Korean coastguard. According to the results of the survey, the Chinese fishing boats from Liaoning, Dalian, aboard the captain of the ship, a total of 19 people. The ship is loaded with suspected fishing waters in South Korea’s 60 tons of fishing and fishing nets and other items. It is reported that the China crew not revolt without a fight. Therefore, Korea maritime police also unused naval gun or pistol shooting. Korea maritime police official said, "probably because the South Korean government has just said that it would be tough to deal with gun shooting, plus the rumor spread widely in China fishing boats, so they are not even throwing things at this small resistance". South Korean coastguard plan in the afternoon the Chinese escorted to Inchon maritime police boat wharf and investigation. This year, Inchon police seized 46 vessels were illegal fishing boats China, according to relevant laws and the detention of 70 Chinese, and collected 1 billion 430 million won gold guarantee. Inchon police official said, "we are completely monitor while sneaking into the night or deteriorating weather South Korean waters for illegal fishing of fishing Chinese. We will respond to them in accordance with the government’s policy if they are in a violent revolt". On the other hand, expressed doubts about the effect of South West 5 island fishermen and civic groups to Chinese fishing boats issued by the South Korean government countermeasures. Yin Ping face fishing village chief Pu Taiyuan (sound, 56 years old) said, "the use of weapons or new West 5 island specialized organizations and other measures is every Chinese fishing, the South Korean government will release the contents of. Many residents are skeptical of the possibility of its implementation". Set up by the fishermen and civic groups "west 5 island life and peace Inchon citizens countermeasures committee released the same day on Jun相关的主题文章:

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