Korean media China fishing boat sank the Korean maritime police after escaping Han founder wanted 4000dy

By , November 15, 2017 5:13 pm

Korean media: Korean maritime police boat fishing boat sank China escape after the Han founder wanted Korean media: Chinese sank the South Korean coastguard boats fishing to escape after the Han founder wanted according to Yonhap News reported on October 9th, South Korea Inchon maritime patrol security agency said 9 days, 7 days in Inchon city Ongjin Xiaoqing island area, a fishing boat sank China South Korean coastguard boats after the escape, police are looking for someone aboard the fishing boat. China fishing boats sank the Korean maritime police speedboat from Taiwan "Central News Agency" China fishing boat sank the Korean maritime police picture from South Korea SBS TV news. According to the coastguard, 7 at 3 pm 8 pm, Inchon maritime police boats against illegal fishing, fishing boats involved China intentionally hitting the coast guard boats after the escape. A South Korean coast guard boats on the other boat jumped into the sea after being picked up. The incident caused no casualties. Although the South Korean coastguard involved Chinese fishing boats launched wanted, but the fishing boats would have arrived in Chinese waters, if not with China, unable to arrest. South Korea’s central security department in the maritime patrol today morning summoned the consular section of the Embassy China deputy consul general Zhu Jizhong, to protest against the incident. Yonhap news, 9, Central South Korea maritime patrol security minister Li Zhousheng and Zhu Jizhong together to watch the video at the time of the incident, South Korea asked China to arrest two fishing vessels involved early and severely punished the involved vessels, take strict measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Zhu Jizhong expressed regret for the incident. Li Zhousheng said in an interview with the media, said the incident belongs to attempted murder, Chinese fishing boats and illegal fishing and violent anti law is very serious. The police will crack down on not questioning search of violence against the law China fishing boat. The consular section of the Embassy Chinese Vice Consul Zhu Jizhong out of the office of the Minister of Central South Korea maritime patrol security picture from South Korea’s Yonhap news agency according to the October 9th global network quoted Yonhap reported that South Korea Jeju maritime patrol security department said that in 8 days from Jeju city chagwido West Sea (within 55 kilometers to the South Korea fishery agreement limits 74 km), intercepted two illegal fishing boats Chinese. Dalian boat fishing boat for 7 days in the ROK waters net, captured a total of 3450 kilograms of yellow croaker, fishing log records only 100 kg, 3350 kg of allegedly concealed. Another fishing boat in 6 days of continuous operations of the two, 784 kilograms of fish caught, but there is no record of fishing log. Jeju police said Chinese fishing in South Korean waters fishing fishing logs are beyond the scope of permission, omission concealed, arrived at the port of Jeju in the fishing boat, it will conduct a thorough investigation of the captain. After the morning of September 29th, a China drifter caught fire in South Korean waters, 3 crew members were killed Chinese. According to Yonhap news show, South Korea Mokpo police on the China fishing boats were boarding check, because the cockpit and machine room was locked, the maritime police team broke the glass cockpit and fired 3 sonic bomb, then fishing boat caught fire. It is assumed that the sonic boom may be the cause of the fire. On September 30th, South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi expressed regret at the death of three Chinese fishermen相关的主题文章:

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