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By , April 15, 2018 12:19 pm

"King of comedy" cross expression package Zhou Jie with Sun Nan mix of comedy [Abstract] "comedy king" Zhou Jie cross invited his cousin Sun Nan together onstage brought subversive level crossover performances for the audience of two people for the first time will also show a new mix of wind "". Zhou Jie, Sun Nan "king of comedy" Xiao Shenyang cross cross variable strength in imitation of Fei Yuqing hey Tencent hosted by Beijing TV entertainment news, Beijing xinbaoyuan Film Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. a thousand years as the Beijing Beijing satellite culture media limited liability company jointly launched the first Chinese file original comedy Star Cross Rodeo "crossover the king of comedy," this coming Saturday night 20:30 Beijing TV grand launch. The famous actor Zhou Jie will be invited to his "cousin" Sun Nan brought together onstage subversive cross-border performances for the audience of two people for the first time will also show a new mix of wind "". Kang comedy: give up the best new challenges because of the unknown "play a role fu’erkang Huanzhugege", Zhou Jie in on both sides of the Changjiang River. Excellent performance in a series of TV drama also let the audience of Zhou Jie has a "role play niche". This time Zhou Jie abandoned the previous drama performances, came to the Beijing TV comedy "cross-border cross-border king" on the stage comedy, such unimaginable contrast. In a press conference on August 24th, turning to participate in the program, Zhou Jie first said the "king of comedy" for his transboundary importance: as an actor, never participated in this type of program, very happy to have the chance to try. The most special is the "crossover", to participate in the guests beyond their most familiar areas to play comedy, which is a big challenge. Passive funny to active humor: how far away from the comedy comedy Zhou Jie popular, because the expression pack popular network. Zhou Jie’s comedy actually reflects a more passive, which is not the first thing he wanted to deliberately. Came across the comedy on the stage, this time Zhou Jie made the initiative to test the water comedy, the move, how far away from the comedy, after the cross, the answer will be announced. Zhou Jie also expressed himself in an interview to participate in such cross-border program of the original intention: comedy can bring people happiness, and have the opportunity to try, very interesting. At the beginning of the time will be concerned, but the courage to come out, can do is to show themselves in this cross platform. There is a reporter mentioned popular network "Kang expression package" also have a sense of humour, Zhou Jie easily response and explains his understanding of Comedy: if there is no expression package processing does not have what meaning. Comedy is not funny, is a humorous show, everyone has their own sense of humor. One thousand people have one thousand Hamlett, Zhou Jie in the cross-border comedy king on the platform, his interpretation of the comedy will show what kind of personal style, I believe that the audience will be full of expectations. Pull Sun Nan cross help speech Zhou Jie this mix of wind can be called "subversive" reportedly, Zhou Jie invited the famous singer Sun Nan came out in the circle of friends. One is the film and television industry, a music industry, two seemingly unrelated, in the Beijing satellite TV "king of comedy" cross stage but paired up comedy, which shows the two usual familiar process.相关的主题文章:

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