Kampuchea officials said the poor quality of Chinese enterprises to repair the road to respond to Ch-my128.net

By , April 16, 2018 7:39 pm

Officials in Kampuchea say China enterprise road poor quality of China’s response to the Sohu news [Global Times reporter Tu Limei "Kampuchea times" rouge] says 10 days, Kampuchea public works and transport minister Sun Zhantuo before the China criticism road enterprises of poor quality, "said Chinese affect the credibility of enterprises, but also the impact of public works and transport the Department’s reputation". In this regard, the general manager of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Kampuchea branch, Llosa 10 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, some media Cambodia rendering people "overwhelmed", "sun chanthol minister to the site to check the work, also thanks to" Shanghai construction responsible attitude, but some Cambodia "light media cater to the negative and positive publicity never say". "Times" said Cambodia Cambodia, public works and transport department on Facebook from sun chanthol criticism in the video, he said "No. 5 Highway Renovation after just a few months, appeared potholes and asphalt pavement quality problems such as falling". He also said that due to quality problems, he began to lose confidence in the construction company. The video did not disclose the name Chinese construction company, but the Cambodian public works and transport ministry spokesman Soria said, is the expansion project of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Contract No. 5 road. The report also said that sun also criticized last week, Shanghai construction engineering construction of Highway 6 upgrade project failed". He told the global times, Llosa, National Highway 5 has not yet completed, yet the construction has not yet delivered. Kampuchea sub rainy season and dry season, the project can only be done in the dry season. The quality problems in the construction process is encountered rain on the end of the dry season, 2 km road had some quality problems of local, rainy season can not repair, just do a temporary repair, to the dry season to do". In addition, Highway 6 is not completed". He said, we have done in Kampuchea for 13 years, the construction of a road of more than 1 thousand and 500 km, the main rivers in Kampuchea built a bridge, a container terminal, the quality is very good,, Llosa. Japanese enterprises in Kampuchea, the project cost is China, 2 to 3 times, we are not cutting corners, some aspects of the price down, the pavement structure standard is low, it is hard to say. People do not understand, there are complaints about quality problems can be understood, but also inconvenience to them in the construction. However, the Cambodian Ministry of transport officials also exaggerated propaganda, we do not understand, it is difficult to accept".相关的主题文章:

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