Journey to the west theme song music college exam Fake! (map)

By , November 15, 2017 5:12 pm

"Journey to the west" theme song "music college exam? Fake! (map) original title: "journey to the west" theme song "music college exam? Users have lost 86 years of "journey to the west" theme song, it became the "2017 Central Conservatory of Music arts exam recently? Your circle of friends is such a message brush screen? In fact, this is a spoof, 2017 art did not begin to apply it. The old version of "journey to the west" in our eyes can not shake the sacred music, is our hearts "divine comedy". But seeing the "journey to the west" your attention, whether the title song "denden" and "Diudiu" rhythm? So, such a piece appear instantly attracted attention. This is a choice, "the 86 version of" journey to the west "titles, lost my ()", and then provides a bunch of "landing lights" related Chinese characters as notes Chinese characters Foley, users who want to choose the right option. The most attractive is that this problem is also a big "project", "2017 Central Conservatory of Music entrance exam". Netizens have seen "journey to the west" three words began to nostalgia, have humming "Deng Deng" rhythm began to answer. "Humming for a whole morning, I can’t figure out which one to choose." Caught in the confusion of the network began to self review, in the end there is no good look at "journey to the west"?" "Who can tell me what is the difference between a lamp and a lamp?" In fact, so users can not only confused the opening song rhythm, really let you say the opening song name, nine out of ten you also speak out. This section called "cloud Palace Xunyin" theme song, is a song writer Xu Jingqing’s masterpiece, joined the electronic musical instruments, Western orchestral music, guzheng, pipa, harp, triangle, Guan Zhong, Chinese bells and other musical instruments. Seriously to users find the "cloud Palace" Xunyin a version, pick out four sections, thin thick according to "value" and other factors do a "translation", finally should choose "D", "denden, Gordon, stool board lights". A Central Conservatory of Music is not really easy, netizens zitanfuru at the same time, the reporter also consulted the professional art colleges. Professionals said that in 2017 the art even the application did not started yet, and the music professional audio-visual ear training, most of the examiner to play music, then let the candidates themselves mark the rhythm of the music in the form of direct "denden" to mark the rhythm, apparently not very professional.相关的主题文章:

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