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By , April 17, 2018 9:03 am

Jining: Police posing as cheat color   trickster in jail – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Jining in September 30, the purchase of the police certificate, through the network to the Jining police detachment police uniforms, police identity cheat money cheating the color, also secretly take brush cash another credit card overdraft overdue to, recently, by the Jining high tech Zone procuratorate prosecution Li Hao (a pseudonym) fraud, credit card fraud case by the court verdict, trickster sentenced Moumou imprisonment for one year, and sentenced to three years imprisonment for the crime of credit card fraud, with the implementation of three years and six months. Since March 2015, Li Hao of Jining purchased through the network card, police officer, made the victim Ms. Wang’s trust and goodwill to the Jining police detachment police identity, conceal the truth has been married cheat Wang and Wang together, lead to pregnancy after abortion; another investigation, Li Hao also for others to handle the credit card name many people cheat proof of identity materials, and will handle the credit card or fraudulent use of consumer credit card or cash, in the name of the credit card overdraft is nearly forty thousand yuan did not return. Li Hao posing as police officers, defrauding the trust of others, Piancaipianse, to obtain illegal interests, serious damage to the good image of the people’s police, after the court hearing all the allegations in support of the Jining high tech Zone procuratorate and made the above decision. A crime refers to seek illegal interests, work personnel and the state organs or the identity of the title, fraud, damage the prestige of the state organs and their normal activities; credit card fraud refers to the illegal possession for the purpose of violating credit card management regulations, the use of credit card fraud, defrauding large amount of property act. Prosecutors remind everyone in daily life should not only prevent network telecommunications fraud, to prevent in the side of the scam, especially young female friends should be carefully investigated, do not believe the so-called "Diamond Bachelor" and "the military authorities" to a multi-party verification information of the other party, especially the other for various reasons money, do not easily lend money to each other; in addition, we also don’t believe pie in the sky is good, to Wujin pocket, pinch bank card, failing to seek more friends around to help. (Zhou Yuqiu Han Yuchang) (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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