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By , April 17, 2018 9:00 am

The future of Jiangsu long-distance car ride parking and bus card can be used in the future, several high-speed rail, intercity rail, long-distance, bus, subway and other modes of transport, will try to create "smart card, Internet plus" comprehensive traffic system. Express News (reporter Jinfeng) today, 13 in Jiangsu City, as long as a card, you can take the bus, subway, tram and ferry and taxi. In the future, in Jiangsu by coach, tourist bus, parking in the parking lot, you can also use a bus card. Next year, will be the first pilot in Nanjing, and then in the province to promote. In November 18th, the Jiangsu provincial Thirteenth Party Congress delegations meeting of provincial Party committee report, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of transportation party secretary Liu Guangzhong said that the future will be to build the integrated transport hub, to achieve zero transfer, even with the transfer station. The report of traffic of a number of tasks, such as speeding up the construction of modern integrated transportation system, promote the Yangtze river deep water channel and deepwater harbor construction along the Yangtze River, coastal port, increase integration efforts, enhance the level of aviation transportation, especially to seize the historical opportunity of the construction of high-speed rail. To create a 1.5 hour traffic circle to the Yangtze River on both sides of the high-speed rail link and the river crossing as a link to promote the development of urban construction clusters, integration and development…… Transportation is the livelihood of the industry, is the province’s close attention to the industry, feeling heavy task, glorious mission." Liu Guangzhong said, "13th Five-Year" period, the Jiangsu transportation industry will focus on three areas of integrated system, integrated hub, integrated services. To build a comprehensive transportation system, to change the highway thriving situation, the various modes of transport to go hand in hand, highway, railway, aviation, water transport integration. Liu Guangzhong often go abroad to study, he found that many foreign city airport, railway, subway, bus is open, such as the German Central Park central station, part of the city foreign transfer is very convenient, but the road is the road, aviation aviation, railway is the railway connection is not enough. Jiangsu coastal ports, each port has a highway, railway, but all kinds of traffic tools developed separately. In the future will be zero transfer, with the station transfer, and even the same platform transfer, to build a comprehensive transportation hub." Liu Guangzhong said, in the next meeting, in several high-speed rail, intercity rail, long-distance, bus, subway and other modes of transport, will try to create "smart card, Internet plus" comprehensive traffic system. It is reported that next year, Nanjing will pilot in the long-distance bus, tourist bus and parking lot using a card, and then in the province to promote. The road has been repaired, the vehicles are many, the transportation way has also constructed. Liu Guangzhong said that the next step, but also to promote the ecological environment of transportation. For example, the ship, car travel to ecological environment, the use of clean energy, reduce pollution. Integrated treatment of domestic waste, ship type, model standardization. Next month to start the "upgrade" to solve environmental pollution control action of "hoe" through the treatment of Taihu, treatment of garbage, treatment of black odor, treatment VOC, treatment of livestock and poultry, governance risks, seize the outstanding short board, the implementation of the "upgrade" pollution control action. Express News (reporter An Ying) the next 5 years, Jiangsu how to "flood governance gas treatment soil" battle over a little相关的主题文章:

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