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By , November 21, 2017 12:24 am

Jane meal baby meters, baby food supplement new choice of Sohu with the introduction of a comprehensive two maternal child policy, maternal and child market will appear rapid growth. In the maternal infant food supplement market, competitive segments, and for the quality and safety of infant formula, newborn parents are more or less worry. In recent years, noteworthy change is that with the change in parenting and parental consumption upgrade, consumption buyers began to return to the essence of consumption, from the low to change to pay attention to product quality and the source of attention from advertising publicity function to shift to focus on secure reliable product security. In the production process with food and baby food supplement produced, more and more parents from buying processed food products, began to change for the selection of natural ingredients to secure their food diy. The quality of the increased demand, the birth of high-quality imported baby food market m looking for high quality ingredients in mother homemade complementary demand, market development opportunities brought by the consumer to upgrade, China many rice producers, launched specifically for baby rice products. It is reported that foreign brands of "Thailand Kyoto mihang" for this new demand, the introduction of a through the EU certified organic whole grain products — Golden Meal Baby (Royal Baby Jane m). To understand this official, Jane is suitable for cooking rice meal baby infant rice paste porridge Thailand jasmine rice, whole grain contrast formula rice paste or other rice products could allow consumers to see the original quality of rice, the non natural formulations to meet the needs in the development of long Bao Baosheng providing nutrition, but also to comply with EU organic certification the products on the market now, compared with other similar products to avoid too much harm to the baby to absorb preservative, flavoring agent, nutritional supplements and other chemical substances, more favorable baby intestinal health, is more advantageous to establish the baby early growth of healthy eating habits. Compared to the market most formula does not indicate the source areas of Rice noodles and rice for rice, rice in the product to meet the needs of this baby, believe to be able to let mom buy at ease to cook. Good or bad, can be observed with the eye, with the actual production of taste can distinguish the pros and cons of the product. The strict enterprise standards provide secure security meters from Thailand Baby Jane meal is Kyoto for the product, is a professional m forty years of Thailand enterprises, production of rice with superior rice species and excellent quality, is the global customer recognition, has been awarded the "best total issued by Thailand exporters prize". From harvesting, storage, processing, production and packaging processes are performed in accordance with the strict management system of organic agriculture, with GMP international food and drug health management standard certification, certification of hazard analysis critical control HACCP BRC, the UK Retail Association and other international authoritative certification exemption approval. The baby is also visible, Jane meal meters strictly follow the quality standards of food hygiene and high security to implement, to ensure that the product is always a good standard such as ease meters. For this new product into the market China, is indeed a new bright spot on the domestic food consumption upgrade.相关的主题文章:

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