Italy earthquake death toll rose to 291 people in the country at half mast mourning-masa-c

By , April 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Italy earthquake death toll rose to 291 people nationwide mourning at half mast on 27 August, Xinhua Rome (reporter Lorna) as of the evening of 27 local time 10, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake in central Italy has risen to 291. At the same time, Italy’s national public places at half mast mourning.   Italy civil defense Bureau statistics show that the earthquake caused 230 deaths in the province of Rieti amatrice, accumoli and Tronto River arquata deaths were 11 people and 50 people. According to the ansa news agency reported, a name from the Tronto River arquata earthquake rescued the man received treatment in Perugia, eventually died due to his injuries, the other more than 300 wounded are still hospitalized.   concerned about the agency has released the list of 181 victims, the youngest of the 5 months, the largest of the age of 93. In the ruins of the earthquake zone under the search and rescue personnel rescued 238 people, and 2100 people with no home to return to temporary shelters temporary lodging.   Italy Prime Minister Lenzi announced on 26 August 27th as a national day of mourning. In Marche city of Ascoli Piceno stadium, Italy’s president Mattarella and Prime Minister Ferenczi attended the funeral of the 35 victims, and to appease the families of the victims of the scene.   Ferenczi on the scene of a young man said, "we have to work hard together for the future, now the most important thing is not to give up (hope)".   Mattarella visited the disaster area before the funeral and visit the rescue line staff, he expressed his gratitude to all the staff involved in the rescue. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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