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By , April 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Italy earthquake dead funeral death toll rose to 281 as the original title: Italy earthquake dead funeral Italy government held a state funeral for 27 days as part of the victims of the earthquake, President Searl · Mattarella to attend the funeral of coke. Italy earthquake relief 26 days into the third day, approaching 72 hours golden rescue phase, although the hope of finding survivors is fading, but the rescue operations continue. As of the evening of 26, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake has risen to 281 people. The city cut in the hardest hit amath in 15 people are still missing. I hope in a few hours Italy minfangju rescue team leader Imam Kolata · Posti Leo Hei said, on the evening of 25 to 26 on the morning, rescuers did not find survivors in any remote mountain village. Agence France-Presse reported that since the evening of 24, rescue workers did not save any survivors from the rubble. Although the possibility of finding survivors is reduced, but Posti Leo Hei insisted that was not the end of the search and rescue operations. "I’m sure again, just like in the beginning, the team we’re searching for and rescuing is definitely working all the time." More than 5000 police, firefighters, soldiers and volunteers into the search and rescue work. Mountain rescue personnel Walter · Milan 26, said, "there is still hope to find survivors in the rubble, even in a few hours." But he admitted that the possibility is very small. Rescue dogs and rescue workers also continue to search in the ruins of amatrice in disaster area. Most of the victims from the mountain. The smallest victims at the age of 4 years 26 days, several strong aftershocks hit central Italy, pose a danger to the rescue, also destroyed a bridge in amatrice, it was forced to close the channel, the rescue workers to enter the city became more difficult. In the morning the strongest aftershock occurred at 6:28 am local time, magnitude 4.8. The aftershocks after further damaged amatrice some already crumbling buildings. Rescuers are trying to clean up the amatrice "ruins Rome Hotel", the night of the earthquake, 32 people live there. Given that there are a lot of holidays and visitors to the annual food festival, the Italy government is still difficult to count the exact number of missing. There are known to have been killed by foreigners. Ansa news agency reported, has confirmed the identity of the victims included 3 British citizens, Romania 5, Spain 1, Canada 1, Salvatore 1. The Italy government declared 27 days of national mourning, all government agencies and the public sector at half mast. The government also announced that a state funeral will support riverside town arquata Thrun on the day of the victims. The river Tronto and nearby arquata Tronto River Pescara is currently a total of 49 people were killed. According to the government released the list of victims, the youngest victims were born in 2012. President Searl coke · Mattarella will attend the funeral. Facing the problem of economic depression relief funds to prop up worrying相关的主题文章:

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