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By , April 15, 2018 12:19 pm

To want to immigrants Chinese Trump elected president is a blessing or a curse – Sohu news Beijing time on November 9th at 4 pm, the U.S. presidential election poll results released, dubbed the "madman" Republican presidential candidate Trump beat Hilary, will become the new owner of the white house. Trump subsequently published in New York victory speech, he will become the "enlightened, best" President of the United States, promised to let the American people’s income doubled, and allow the United States to have "the best in the world economy". So, the 70 year old came to power, for the Chinese people want to emigrate to the United States is not a good news? The United States is the first country Chinese emigration according to "China and globalization think-tank" (CCG) and Social Science Literature Press published "international talent Blue Book: Chinese international migration report (2014, 2015)", as of 2013, Chinese has risen to fourth immigrants exporter, China overseas stock has reached 9 million 334 thousand people. According to data from the American Institute for migration policy, China has become the second largest immigrant to the United States, only 2 million of the population of the United States, which is second only to Mexicans and indians. The United States is not only the largest stock of Chinese immigrants, but also the preferred destination for Chinese immigrants. The Hurun Research Institute and the Department of Canadian Consulting Group (Visas Consulting Group) according to a recent survey, about 800 thousand of assets of $1 million 500 thousand Chinese planned investment in overseas real estate and foreign immigrants, accounting for 60% of the respondents. At present, the number of Chinese people with assets of $1 million 500 thousand is 1 million 340 thousand. Hu Run, chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "this year the trend is beyond the immigration category, more related to the global asset allocation. China’s rich people are now the main goal is to 1/3 of the wealth of overseas layout, the purchase of real estate and foreign deposits is a priority." There are eight main ways of Chinese immigrants in the United States: investment immigration, husband or wife, a citizen of the United States immigration, as an outstanding talent and national interest waiver, employed by multinational companies to do the manager, relatives of immigrants, asylum seekers get a green card, give birth to the United states. The main factors that influence the destination of these immigrants are education, investment conditions, immigration policy, taxation, medical service, visa and the difficulty of Chinese immigrants. What is the impact of Trump’s policy orientation on Chinese immigration to the United States? Before the election, Trump has repeatedly promised in the campaign, will tighten immigration policy, and large-scale repatriation of illegal immigrants. He promised to build a "destroyer force" to those he described rapists and drug traffickers resettlement of criminal punishment. Trump proposed to increase the existing 5000 U.S. immigration and customs enforcement officers to 15 thousand people. From the United States election day and 17 days, Trump issued a policy propaganda at Gettysburg Pennsylvania statement, if he is elected, 100 days in office for the new deal "to subvert the old system", including the repatriation of about 2000000 prisoners) "相关的主题文章:

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