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Male infertility and prostate related maternal Sohu because prostate with ejaculatory duct and human urethral interlinked, sexual activity is too frequent, ejaculatory duct are often "gate" open, the pathogenic bacteria of urethra can be reversed and the invasion of prostate, cause prostatitis grow and reproduce. If there is "excursion history", the prostate will suffer gonococcus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and other sexually transmitted pathogens that cause venereal prostatitis; other parts of the body of Mycobacterium tuberculosis may invade into the prostate, caused by tuberculous prostatitis. Sometimes they inhabit the prostate, cause prostatitis pinworm. After the invasion of the prostate gland inflammation, will lead to a decline in semen quality, fertility, and even cause some people can not bear. At the same time, chronic inflammation often causes abnormal physiological functions, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, etc.. If the prostate has inflammation, can excrete inflammatory cells, infection of sperm, the formation of a small amount of sperm increase or perish. This is because the composition of semen contains liquid, paste, sperm, prostate and seminal vesicle fluid excretion of liquid in semen just excreted is a sticky jelly, sperm are glued together cannot free movement, then liquefied enzyme contained in prostate fluid outside 5 ~ 20 minutes you can make semen liquefaction a thin, stick together in the release of sperm, so that it can be through the cervix, uterus, arrived in the ampulla of fallopian tube and egg combination. There are other prostatic fluid a lecithin body, it plays a role in sperm sperm is to supply nutrients, the sperm has abundant energy arrived in ampulla of fallopian tube pregnancy combined with egg. When the male is in prostate fluid, the number of "+" is shown on the test sheet. The "+" is usually 4 to 5, if less than the "3" on the prostate inflammation. If a man is diagnosed with infertility, the first thing to do is to check semen routine, in order to understand the number of sperm per milliliter semen, sperm motility, normal sperm ratio, etc.. Going down, mainly caused by abnormal semen is prostatitis. A large sample of clinical statistics also confirmed that infertility caused by prostatitis accounted for nearly 26% of the total. The prostatitis is how to affect the quality of male sperm?. Prostatic secretion of prostate fluid is a minor component of semen, accounting for about 30% of the total semen. Contains hyaluronic acid enzyme that contains all kinds of semen liquefaction enzyme and assist sperm through the cervical mucus and egg cell membrane in prostatic fluid, these materials are sperm life and movement indispensable, obviously, once the excretion and composition of prostatic fluid because of inflammation changes, it can make sperm the movement of "can’t do anything". What’s more, unlike other of prostate gland, such as urethral ball gland, epididymis is bilateral, sick and the other side can affect the compensatory side, because the prostate is only one, once the disease can I carry". Prostatitis causes infertility usually have the following five reasons: 1, under normal circumstances, the semen is weak alkaline, beneficial to sperm activity. And a large number of.相关的主题文章:

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