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By , April 18, 2018 11:58 pm

IRONMAN won three World Championships in Germany women’s track record was broken in Germany swept IRONMAN World Championships October 9, 2016 Beijing time three 00:25 a.m., Hawaii Kailua – Kona (Kona), a history of triathlon, the island ushered in the thirty-eighth IRONMAN world championships. A total of 2401 athletes from all over the world gathered in, Hawaii, to challenge the surging waves, hot volcanic rocks and stifling heat in the summer of Kona. At the same time, there are three Chinese Triathlon enthusiasts – Li Pengcheng family from Sichuan club, Shanghai Triathlon club Shen Shangen and Xie Xiaoyang, are also involved in the world’s top Triathlon event, and finished. A group of men – occupation of German tanks before taking the three 00:25 in the morning, a sound of cannons broke Cairu a beach quiet in the early morning. At the moment, the sea is more than 50 men in the Kailua occupation group of players to the row under the arm set off bursts of white waves. At the beginning of the game, the defending champion, German player Jan · Flo Dano (Jan Frodeno) accelerated into the lead, followed by several swimming strength equally strong competitors, the formation of a large number of people swimming leading group, and to maintain the first item for item. Finally, from the UK Harry · Will Hill (Harry Wiltshire) in 48 minutes and 00 seconds to play water, behind 12 group followed by the end of 3.8 km swimming stage, including Andy Potts (USA), Paul Matthew (Australia), Marko Albert (Estonia), Denis Chevrot (France), Brent MacMahon (Canada), David Mcmamee (UK), Igor Amorelli (Brazil), Andi Bocherer (Germany), Tim O Donnell (America) and Tim Don (UK). 30 seconds later, the second group is also the end of the swimming stage, including several of the total score has a strong competitive strength of the players, such as last year’s runner up Andreas Raelert, the former world champion Frederik Van Lierde, Ben Hoffman and Timothy Van Berkel. With most occupation male players are entering the T1 transition area, the audience’s attention to the 2014 World Champion Sebastian Kienle when water, climbed the stairs, into their own strengths of strong catch-up. Finally, Sebastian ranking with 52 points 27 seconds thirty-eighth swimming end stage, 4 minutes and 27 seconds behind the leading player, and that he won in 2014 when time is backward. Just ahead of the group riding on the Queen K highway, Sebast)相关的主题文章:

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