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INVESCO the Great Wall: the shock city mining really growing attention to environmental theme – fund channel during the Spring Festival, the global market turmoil intensified, but the majority of brokers believe that the overseas market crash will not form a continuous impact on the A shares, although the A shares before the holiday show monkey city features, structural opportunities are still worth looking forward to the next shock. INVESCO the Great Wall fund manager Yang Ruiwen said that in the context of asset allocation shortage, the capital market is still the main place for excess liquidity, the existence of structural opportunities in the monkey market. Specifically, Yang Ruiwen believes that 2016 may show up in monkey City, the higher the difficulty of determining the stock, more opportunities for real support for the performance of high growth stocks. According to a recent notice of the environmental sector listed companies released 2015 annual results, many companies forecasted, the continuation of the three quarter high boom. As the country attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, the environmental protection industry will be a relatively definite opportunity in 2016. It is learnt that INVESCO the Great Wall environmental advantages of equity funds are being issued, intends to distribute environmental theme at the bottom of the market. The fund 80%-95% assets invested in stocks, focusing on environmental protection industry chain, the middle and lower reaches of the industry and new energy industry advantage enterprises. Aspiring fund manager Yang Ruiwen pointed out that the problem of environmental pollution Chinese is very serious, has become a bottleneck for the sustainable development of economic constraints, improve the ecological environment is represent the general trend which means that Chinese, environmental protection industry will be the world’s largest volume, high degree of prosperity in future at least ten years expected environmental protection industry. It is understood that Yang Ruiwen focus on environmental protection and new energy field research has reached 7 years, has a wealth of research investment experience. Another fund managed by INVESCO the Great Wall preferred mixed fund, with brisk performance in 2015, with a yield of 61.02%, and was rated by Galaxy Securities as the three – year five – star fund. In Yang Ruiwen’s view, the environmental sector are worthy of concern in three segments, the first is the atmosphere of governance, such as ultra clean emissions and new energy vehicles, ultra clean emissions is the most direct beneficiaries of air pollution control, while the number of new energy vehicles in the rapid growth, the government’s promotion of energy, will also get the favor of the capital market; second is the water pollution; soil remediation is third. For INVESCO the Great Wall environmental advantage fund future investment strategy, Yang Ruiwen said it would establish the theme of investment stock base, active layout of energy-saving emission reduction, clean technology and new energy vehicles and other related industries, and to benefit from improved economic and social efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainable development and other related to the theme of investment opportunities, to achieve the long-term fund assets capital appreciation.

景顺长城:震荡市下挖掘真成长 关注环保主题-基金频道   春节期间全球市场动荡加剧,不过多数券商认为海外市场大跌不会对A股形成持续冲击,虽然A股节前尽显猴市特征,震荡下的结构性机会却仍值得期待。景顺长城基金经理杨锐文表示,在资产配置荒大背景之下,资本市场依然是过剩流动性的主要去处,猴市中存在结构性机会。   具体而言,杨锐文认为2016年可能全年呈现出上窜下跳的猴市,选股的难度更高,更确定的机会存在于真正有业绩支撑的的高成长个股。根据近期环保板块上市公司发布的2015年报业绩预告,多家公司业绩预增,延续了三季度的高景气度。随着国家对生态文明建设重视程度不断提高,环保行业将是2016年相对确定的机会。   据悉,景顺长城环保优势股票型基金正在发行,拟在市场底部区域布局环保主题。该基金80%-95%资产投资于股票,重点关注环保产业链上、中、下游行业和新能源产业的优势企业。拟任基金经理杨锐文指出,目前中国的环境污染问题十分严峻,已经成为约束经济可持续发展的瓶颈,改善生态环境已是大势所趋,这意味着,中国环保产业将会是全世界最大体量的,预料环保行业未来至少十年以上的高景气度。   据了解,杨锐文专注环保及新能源领域的研究已达7年,具有丰富的研究投资经验。其管理的另一只基金��景顺长城优选混合基金,2015年业绩表现亮眼,收益率高达61.02%,被银河证券评为三年期五星基金。   在杨锐文看来,环保板块有三个细分领域值得关注,首先是大气的治理,如超净排放和新能源汽车,超净排放是大气治理最直接的受益者,而新能源汽车的数量增长快速,政府推广的动力十足,也将获得资本市场的青睐;第二是水污染治理;第三是土壤治理。对于景顺长城环保优势基金未来的投资策略,杨锐文表示将建立主题投资股票库,积极布局节能减排、清洁技术、新能源汽车等相关行业,以及受益于提高经济社会运作效率、能源利用效率、可持续发展等相关主题投资机会,以实现基金资产的长期资本增值。相关的主题文章:

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