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By , April 17, 2018 6:20 pm

Interpretation: why he Tianju can play NBA preseason Zhou Qi but not he Tianju and Zhou Qi identity is expected to visit NBA? He invited the pelican Day War cite the preseason and Chinese match by Chen Yueze Mid Autumn Festival, the ocean came a piece of good news. The effectiveness of the Liaoning team players He Tianju, October will represent the New Orleans pelicans team in the NBA season this year, and will likely debut in Shanghai and the Beijing two station NBA Chinese match. After the news media exposed, Liaoning club also quickly responded. Liaoning Club deputy general manager Cheng Xiang said in an interview, confirmed the authenticity of the news, but he also said that he Tianju just invited in the preseason game, not like some of the media referred to as "join the pelican". As everyone knows, this year’s NBA China match, the rocket and the pelican will respectively in Beijing and Shanghai, two games. Chinese fans are looking forward to seeing a pelican Team Jersey He Tianju, and Zhou Qi in the Rockets, NBA in the preseason staged a China derby. But from the current situation, if no accident, he Tianju played a big problem, but Zhou Qi can play is still doubtful. With the passage of time, Zhou Qi appeared in the preseason NBA may be getting smaller and smaller. This makes many people doubt for special training is Zhou Qi rockets, why he is only Tianju invited to play, and when the Rockets were selected by Zhou Qi is so difficult? To answer this question, first to understand NBA in the preseason stopped in Zhou Qi, is a clear letter. Clarification letter refers to a proof of identity to clarify Zhou Qi free agent, and this certificate is issued by the Zhou Qi club. Only with a clarification letter, Zhou Qicai can prove that he has no relationship with the Xinjiang team, can be completed with the rockets. In this year’s NBA draft conference, Zhou Qi in the forty-third round of the second round was selected by the Rockets, as a rookie of the two round, Zhou Qi can not require the rocket out of its affordable contract. The Rockets in the draft after the signing of Turkey post aonuaku, followed by a series of reinforcement inside, which also proves that Zhou Qi is not in the team new season the team’s overall planning. From the news to get the current point of view, the rocket is not too much to the new season with a guaranteed contract to sign next week qi. But even so, in accordance with the provisions of NBA, even if only a preseason game, the players must also enter into a contract with the team, otherwise it will not be eligible to participate in the competition. For Zhou Qi, in order to play preseason, it is necessary to sign a contract with the Rockets, and in order to sign a contract with the Rockets, you must get a clarification letter issued by the Xinjiang team. The problem is that the Xinjiang team is not willing to open a clarification letter for Zhou Qi. If Zhou Qi got the clarification letter, and on behalf of the Rockets in the NBA season, according to the analysis of the reality of the situation, after the end of the preseason, before the start of the season, the Rockets will likely not renew or cut with Zhou Qi Zhou qi. In this way the Zhou Qi chose to stay in the Xinjiang team playing in the CBA, and get the clarification letter of Zhou Qi, and the Xinjiang team has to prove.相关的主题文章:

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