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The International Eco City Forum on Chinese "future city" of the new trend of Beijing, China News Agency, Tianjin, October 23 (reporter Liu Jiayu) 2016 China (Tianjin Binhai) International Eco City Forum & Expo 23 in Tianjin closing. Over the past 3 days, the meeting focused on the topic of urban construction in China in-depth discussion, the experts generally believe that the wisdom of the city, sponge City, green city will become the new trend of future development of Chinese cities. The "smart city" to solve the "urban diseases" to promote the potential of human and nature play counselor of the State Council, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban construction of ecological city Chou Baoxing attended the forum said that at present, the wisdom of the city design in Chinese much hope with the wisdom of raging like a storm, means of eliminating the "urban diseases", realize the city of fine management and service. Let the city formed the ability to match with the development of economic society. Chou Baoxing believes that big data will become a sharp weapon for urban diagnosis, urban diagnosis is a necessary step in the design of smart city. Nankai University President Gongke said that the wisdom of ecological city has three groups of elements, which are social and natural coordinated development of economy, efficient use of material and energy; and information in the ecological city; technology, culture, landscape full integration in the city. He said that in order to achieve the full potential of man and nature. "Sponge city": with water "flexibility" to establish an efficient city community is a new concept of sponge, a generation of city stormwater management, refers to the city with good elasticity in adapting to environmental changes and respond to natural disasters caused by rainwater". Honorary member of the world future Council, the United Nations Environment outstanding contribution award winner Herbert? Said Gilad attended the Tianjin forum, the concept of city sponge is very important, because now more and more city built water resources limited. The German Embassy counsellor Ralph Becker said that the environment? Can use the sponge structure of the city, the establishment of efficient community better, and implementation of the waste management measures, can provide a better quality of life for residents. The "green city" and "persistent" connection to achieve sustainable Singapore National Development Department Deputy Secretary Zheng Jinbao said in Tianjin, green is often used to describe the nature of life and peace and harmony, green and lasting together. He believes that urban construction should be based on continuous innovation, to explore a more green way of development. Zheng Jinbao said that there are three key areas of urban green process: urban greening, water management and green building. These three areas, he says, are closely related to the ecological elements of a city, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the energy that supports our lives. To achieve the sustainable development of the city, it is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between the three areas. (end)相关的主题文章:

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